Hi! Me again! Remember me?

I know I’ve been a little quiet, but I’ve been working hard on wedding planning, getting my new website ready to launch (I hinted at this here), working with clients on some exciting copywriting projects, celebrating the holidays, meal planning…oh, the list goes on.

Amongst all the chaos, I somehow managed to make one of my favourite DIY projects ever.  I stumbled upon this amazing diamond wedding card box on one of my favourite wedding blogs, Something Turquoise, and had to share it.

My fiancé has been amazing during the entire wedding process, so all it took was the promise of beverages and snacks to get him on board with this DIY.  He wasn’t a fan of the sparkles (they somehow ended up in his hair), but I sprung those on him later once he was already invested – sneaky, right?

This project is surprisingly easy to make – and I truly mean that.  Don’t believe me? Check out the entire step-by-step process here.