For someone that writes about fashion and beauty, I have a surprisingly simple, no-fuss beauty routine.  My schedule can be atrocious; there are times that I barely have time for a meal, never mind primping in the bathroom.  Time pressures have slowly eroded my beauty routine, forcing me to go back to the basics: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

Moisturizing has always been important for me, as I have sensitive, dry skin.  I noticed an improvement when I moved to Vancouver, but it’s still important for me to moisturize after every shower, throughout the day, and each time I wash my face.


If moisturizing is so essential to my skincare regime, why didn’t I try moisturizing deodorants or antiperspirants? To be honest, I thought they weren’t necessary.  As much as I try to fight it, I’m a creature of habit, and it wasn’t something that I thought I needed.

As it turns out, I did.  I tried Lady Speed Stick’s new Nutra-Skin antiperspirant and realized that (surprise!), I had dry skin.  I used it once a day and re-applied after my yoga classes or gym sessions, even though it kept my underarms dry from downward dog to deadlifts.  I’ll spare you the before and after photos, but what I didn’t realize is that harsh weather, shaving, and irritating fabrics can dry out your underarms.


In addition to being an antiperspirant, the Nutra-Skin formula includes more than 30% skin conditioning agents and Vitamin E to help soothe dry skin. It goes on clear and has a fresh fruity scent; I even skipped wearing my signature scent on a number of occasions because I felt like the fruity scent from the antiperspirant was enough.

What I liked most about the product was that it does double duty: it keeps you dry while moisturizing thirsty, dry armpits.  Like (hopefully) most people, I wear deodorant on a daily basis, so moisturizing this neglected body part took no extra time out of my day.


 Lady Speed Stick’s Nutra-Skin antiperspirant, $2.99 at major retailers across Canada.
Disclosure: this post is sponsored by Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin.