It’s almost time for everyone’s favourite diaper-wearing, arrow-toting, flying baby to swoop into our lives and show us some love. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and no matter what your Facebook relationship status states, you’ll soon be surrounded by classic paraphernalia like red roses, pink hearts, stuffed animals and those little candy hearts with cute messages on them that no one really eats.

Whether you celebrate with a significant other, family, or friends on Feb. 14, step out in style. Challenge the traditional red, white, and pink Valentine’s Day palette by dressing to impress in a little black dress. Classic, polished and versatile, a LBD isn’t just another flavour of the week — wear it year-round for a flattering, commitment issue-free relationship.

Little Black Dress1.  Mexx Sweater Dress, $110.95
2.  Forever 21 Lovely Cutout Dress, $27.80
3.  Forever 21 Daring Flare Dress, $33.80
4.  Forever 21 Night Out Ruched Dress, $21.80
5.  Smart Set Chiffon Sequin Dress, $65
6.  Mexx Dress with Scarf, $89.95