Sweaters are tough on my skin.  I’m always that person when I’m shopping – the one that reads the label of everything she tries on because my skin is so sensitive.  Pure wool is completely out for me (I end up so uncomfortable and itchy!), but instead of missing out on sweaters all together, I’ve figured out a #sweaterhack.  To deal with my sensitive skin, I’ve purchased a number of lightweight tanks, tops, and long sleeve shirts to wear under my sweaters.  They are light enough that they don’t add bulk, but thick enough that they protect my (very) sensitive skin.

On the other end of the sartorial spectrum, I’ve discovered a new denim that is designed specifically for comfort.  Believe it or not, these Dish & Duer Nature2X blush pants are made out of eucalyptus wood pulp.  Not only are they incredibly comfortable, the material absorbs moisture, has a natural anti-bacterial ability, and is eco-friendly to produce.









| Top: Lululemon (simliar here) | Bag: c/o Phillip Lim for Target | Tank: Fresh Produce (Similar here) |
| Sunglasses: Balenciaga | Jeans: c/o Dish & Duer | Created with rStyle |