It’s been a while since I’ve featured a Weekly Want, which is a sign of the times for me lately.  I’ve been busy enjoying fall, wedding planning, and freelance copywriting, so downtime for rest, relaxation, and research is extremely limited.

To get things back on track, I’m doing a different kind of Weekly Want: a Weekly Want that I already purchased and love so much that I purchased a second pair in another colour.  I rarely purchase the same item in more than one colour (I always wind up having a favourite that I choose over the other and then I feel bad for the neglected item and my wallet), but this is one of the rare cases that I’ve broken my own sartorial rule.

Over the spring and summer, the Vince Slip On Sneaker slowly replaced most of the flats in my daily shoe rotation. My feet survived solely on the Blair Slip On Sneaker in Black and the Preston Sneaker in Mushroom because I’m all about the lazy girl style. I’m not sure why I stopped wearing flats this summer, but I can hear my mother’s voice in my ear saying “those flats have no support!”.

They were actually a little warm for summer at times (but they were just so darn comfortable that they were my go-to shoe), so I’m going to purchase a lightweight version in preparation for warmer temperatures next year. Considering that I’m wearing them as I type this, I’ll absolutely be transitioning these from spring to summer into fall and winter….and then from spring to summer again.


1. Vince Preston Slip On Sneakers – Black
2. Vince Blair Slip On Sneakers – Woodsmoke
3. Vince Berlin Sneakers – Ceramic
4.  Vince Blair Slip On Sneakers – Black Leather
5. Vince Blair Slip On Sneakers – Black
6. Vince Preston Slip on Sneakers – Taupe
7. Vince Blair Slip On Sneakers  Fig
8. Vince Preston Slip On Sneakers in Mushroom

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