I have an ongoing joke with a friend that I can make anything new by painting it white – and I have.  I’ve given new life to everything from a free hutch that I scored off Craigslist to vintage light switch covers (check out the final product here) with just a few coats of high-gloss paint.  I find a white home very soothing, so I’ve chosen my decor (and DIY projects) around this sentiment.

My style can be described as whitewashed with a dash of colour, and I’m a firm believer that white, marble, and gold are the unbeatable trifecta of home decor. I’m always on the lookout for my next project and design inspiration, so I’ve rounded up a few images that I could (very easily) call home.  I love that while all these images are based around minimal colour and plenty of white, they each have their own serene distinct look and feel.

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White-Home-Decor-Inspiration White-Decor-InspirationWhite-Home-Decor-Luxury

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