INSTAGRAM: What you’re missing out on

Hi girlies (and guys?) haha,

We’ve got an Instagram/Facebook/Twitter account, and we’d love to add to the family so do add us up on the side buttons below the “About Us” section, much appreciated!

Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s so different about those social media applications from the blog? It should be about the same right? Well, not really. Here, as much as we’d like to be personal, we maintain a more professional front – meaning to say we revolve more around reviews and posts rather than delve into our lives.

However, on our applications, we do try to insert some snippets of our everyday ongoings, just to be that little more close to our readers 🙂 And one very good example would be from Instagram! Here’s some photos we never really show on the blog:

– – 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! We’re having an Instagram giveaway, and we are also thinking of making this quite a regular occurrence 🙂 Do add us at @Samanthashley_ to see the contest details!
It’s a pretty straightforward thing: Just simply follow/re-insta/and tag us. That’s it. Simple as ABC.
Hope to see you on Instagram pretty ladies!
is the name!
Samantha & Ashley
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