Mac Studio Finish Concealer

I’m pretty sure in my youtube video, a number of you realized that I was using the Mac studio finish concealer to cover up my under eye circle and it was pretty obvious that It made quite a difference in the appearance of my under eye circles.
I get that there’s talk of using a colour corrector, followed by concealer to get the perfect coverup for those bad boys – But when we are in a rush or feel that there isn’t a need to do a two step cover up, we can always opt for one that has it all.
Now, I’ve had this product for quite sometime and It’s been rediscovered about a month ago and I absolutely love it. If I’m ever in a rush to head out the door, I always use this to cover up and to take to go as it conceals and brightens. It doesn’t appear grayish and isn’t cakey. ( This obviously depends on your skin condition, prepping it with an eye cream will definitely help create a smoother canvas for application to prevent creasing). I bought mine in NC30 and I’ll be very honest – I hated the texture to begin with. I am not sure if its to do with the weather that I bought the product in (winter) but I had a hard time with the consistency.


Simply apply the product with your ring finger under the eye area as the ring finger contains the least amount of pressure. Should you want to see a better demonstration of the application menthols, click here to see how I apply my under eye concealer.
(Taken in the evening)

(Taken in the morning)
ps: Excuse how tired I look in the photographs, I’ve been caught up in a lot of things lately – hence the horrible under eye circles! 
Do I feel that this is one of the best eye concealers ever? mm it would be in my top 5 at the moment, I decided to blog about this because its a pretty skeptical product. MAC makeup artists over the counter wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for under eyes, but I’ve been using it so far and its been pretty great. Only reason I feel that it’s not the best concealer in the world is that my pot in particular, doesn’t have a consistent texture – it can be dry when its placed in a cold room and can have an extremely creamy texture the next when placed in a warm room and hence reacts that same to the weather. To put it in short, I’ts probably one of my favorite concealers to have with me for the summer time.
Overall rating: 7/ 10

You can definitely find this at the Sephora at ION or your free standing MAC stores.
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