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No matter how much effort we put into our skin care regimen’s sometimes that natural dewiness that we aspire to obtain right after a facial just doesn’t happen as quick when we’re always caught up with work and not to mention the late nights which lead to insufficient sleep!

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Benefit’s High Beam is definitely my favourite highlighter of the moment, the pearl sheen with the pink undertones makes the biggest difference with the tinniest amount of product applied to the right places. The texture of the liquid is smooth and easily to blend in – what’s perfect is the applicator itself. The brush applicator provides flexibility to properly reach the right areas such as the curvature of your cupids bow.

By simply applying a stroke to my hand, you can instantly see that after blending the product with my fingers, it already creates a huge difference. The shimmers within the highlighter itself are really small and hence allows the product to look a lot more natural upon application. 

Where to apply your highlighter:

– Brow Bone
– Cheekbones
– Down your nose
– Cupids bow
– Inner tear duct

I prefer applying them in dots along my cheek bones as opposed to a curve line up because a little bit of this product goes a long way. Applying the highlighter beneath your brow bone and in your inner tear ducts really helps bring the light into your eyes, having it applied onto ur cupids bow can sometimes give the illusion of fuller looking lips and! by having the highlighter applied to your cheek bones and nose helps brighten up your face. A tip is to use your fingers to gently blend the highlighter into your face because your fingers will help warm up the product to be spread out evenly.

The finish that the high beam gives is a subtle glow that does make your face look chalky or enlarge your pores. Personally I’ve not had the best experience with powder highlighters and hence have gravitated towards liquid ones. For those of you who are on the hunt for a good highlighter thats easy to take on the go, I highly recommend giving this a go and they can be found at your local Sephora’s. You can get the smaller high beam should you wish to purchase it within a box set amongst other benefit products or I believe you can get the full size product for SGD $48

Overall Rating : 7.5 / 10

Your skin is a reflection of the internal condition of your body, and as much as we should put skincare first, sometimes there’s no harm in getting that extra healthy glow with makeup. 

That’s all for today and as always, should you guys have any further request / questions – do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section! 
Happy March Everyone!
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