Hi everyone 🙂

We recently revamped our blog and we know there have been a few (or many..) kinks! We have been trying to resolve them one by one as they come, but recently here are the few that you may need to know of:

1) Comment Box (Click ‘Comment(s)’)

Ours is now a pop up comment box rather than one at the end of the post. So if you’d like to leave a comment, just click on the comments link at the bottom right hand side of every post. A window should pop up for you to leave a link now.

2) Follow Link (Top Navigation Bar)

Our follow link to Google Friend Connect didn’t use to work but we’ve recently gotten it to allow quicker access to GFC and to follow our blog. If you couldn’t access it before, you can try again now!

That’s all so far, if you’ve got any other feedback on things we need to change, you CAN and ARE ABLE to now leave a feedback/comment! 😀


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