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I’m all for the natural look, hence I am a sucker when it comes to any matte beauty products. Less than a week ago, I came across the revlon Colour Stay suede lipstick line and they had really lovely shades that you probably wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere in the drugstore without a sheen. I had a hard time just picking one, but ended up going home with 070 In preview. I definitely wanted to opt for the colour 095 finale, but figured that I wouldn’t wear it as often. 

I have grown to love not only the colour , but the texture and the last power –  Having to find all of these traits in a lipstick is truly rare, especially within a drugstore product. This has definitely made it into my holy grail lipsticks from the drugstore and rest assure that this might not be the only colour I purchase! 

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The colours

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The packaging is super sleek and when its twisted upwards, there’s a clicking sound. So far, I’ve had no problems with the packaging – as I am aware that the twist mechanism can get stuck resulting in having the lipstick pushed down with our fingers.

The Colour payoff and lasting power

If you scroll up , you can see the swatches of the different colours that the line has to offer, and the colour is very buildable – so one layer for the minimal opacity and so on and so forth of an opaque coat of the colour.

The Lasting power is amazing and I’m not one who remembers to take my lipstick out with my for re-application all the time and hence a long- lasting lip colour is essential. From the photographs below, I’ve only applied the lip colour in the morning (9AM) and the later shot was taken in the evening ( 9 PM) , the colour isn’t as vibrant but for the colour to have lasted through a day of talking, eating, drinking – its pretty good. Its probably just as good as my Revlon just kissable balm stain.

Lasting power


I feel that there’s not much of a moisturizing factor to the product, Sam has used it and feels that its almost inevitable that you have to use a lip balm underneath to create the smooth canvas for application.  On the other hand, I don’t feel that I require a lip balm underneath for the application to be smooth but then again, as for any lip product – it all comes down to the condition of your lips.

I really do believe that Revlon is stepping up their game in terms of their lip products, I do highly recommend heading over to the Revlon counter should you be in need of an affordable lip colour that will make the most out of your money. I will no doubt be taking this lip product wherever I’m heading this vacation, the colour isn’t too overpowering but subtle enough that there’s a pop of colour present! Nonetheless, I will be putting up more reviews on makeup that you can pick up at your local drugstores in the next post!

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Stocklist: You can find it at any Watsons or Guardian for SGD19.90

Overall rating: 8.5 / 10

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