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Today I’m dedicating a blogpost and review to everyone who’s wanted to die from dark eye rings. Dark Rings, sounding a lot like Lord of the Rings here (excuse my geek moment) have terrorized me since puberty.

It seems that while you’re in my family, you can dream on about having a beautiful colorless eye area. From the moment we awake to the moment we sleep, we look like we got into a bar fight with tons of people.. who chose to punch us squarely in both eyes.

Now, I’ve been trying to solve this issue for years. YEARS I TELL YOU!! And while every cream (both drugstore and high-end, yes believe me I have gone very high end before) has shown promise, I think this one seems the best out of all of them.

YSL’s (or should I say Saint Laurent?) newest eye cream is called Youth Liberation, and I can see why indeed.

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How Ashley and I came about this eye cream was, coincidentally, the day I decided to buy my YSL concealer!

Francis, as mentioned in my previous post here, listened to my woes about my dark rings and how I had apparently tried almost everything under the sun and failed. He then recommended me the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Cream and Eye Serum, saying that they were his salvation.

How could we not believe him!? He was 31 but looked 26 and he had wonderful skin and no dark rings to be found.

After a few days of deliberation (and adoration over Francis’ complexion), Ashley and I decided to purchase the eye cream. Since we were still rather skeptical (as we should be) because it was his job to promote the product anyway, we only bought one bottle and shared half each. (Yes I transferred my half into a small container at MUJI. So sue me.)

Francis mentioned that we required about a week to see results, so we used it everyday to test how real it was, and here is our conclusion.


Well, I think the photos speak for themselves. Despite it only being 15ml, there is hell a lot of product. There has to be, for us to actually split it. Francis mentioned that one bottle could last you 6-7 months; and in my opinion, that is a worthy investment.

I also like how the bottle is sturdy (maybe a little too heavy to take for travelling?) and dark colored outside. This prevents the product from oxidizing and losing its qualities too quickly.

I did think that it was rather unhygienic having to dip fingers into the pot, and thought that a brand like YSL would have included a spatula; but alas, it didn’t. It didn’t bother me much, but I can see how some people may dislike this.


The product is white, and seems rather creamy; but upon application it is very much gel-like! A little goes a very long way, as you can see. What I have on my finger right there is enough for both eyes! That is because it spreads like a dream and it blends in so quickly and smoothly leaving your under eye area feeling velvety smooth.

It creates a wonderful canvas for eye make up because it isn’t sticky or greasy. Over time, you will also find your eye area smoother. Ashley herself has mentioned that her milia has decreased, and that my fine lines are no longer as deep.

There is no strong scent or fragrance to this cream, and so far I have not experienced any eye-stinging sensations as I normally would with anti-aging eye creams.

However, there is a slightly warm sensation (which makes me feel like it’s working!) under my eye area after I apply it. It doesn’t last long, perhaps 1-2 minutes? Nothing uncomfortable or worrying though.

I use this in the morning as well as night. Some people put it before their moisturizer but for me I just place it on top.

Overall thoughts:

absolutely no photoshop done at all, not even to balance lighting.

Well, no post is complete without a before/after shot, so here you go!

Now, I skipped a few days in between because of timing issues. I wanted the exact same lighting, at the exact same place, at the exact same timing of when I took the comparison photos. I took them all in my toilet at approximately 10am everyday, standing exactly at the same location. I wasn’t home on Days 3, 4, and 6.

As you can see, the change is quite incredible is it not!? By Day 5 I no longer look like a serial killer. Though obviously there are dark rings, I mean it’s really only been 1 week about, I am delighted with these quick results! (PS – I’ve got no serious eye bags, besides mornings where I do not get enough sleep but they go away quickly, so I cannot give comment on that.)

I’ve also included some pictures here with makeup, so you can see how flawless the concealer looks now. It seems smoother and even blends in better with the help of the eye cream.

The thing is, I’ve read and heard that these results slow down after a week, and your dark rings get immune to the effects by about a month. How true is this? I’m not sure. Personally, the texture is so beautiful I might hardly care less about the effects; but hey, I’d love to have my cake and eat it.

That’s about it for my review, I hope it’s been informative and yet entertaining at the same time. 🙂

Stocklist: YSL at Ion Orchard or DFS Airport.

Overall Rating : 9 / 10  

Doing this for my beautiful cousins, Zara and Ling.

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