Benefit Workshop (Part One)

Hi there!

We’ve completed one assessment and we’ve got one more to go – but I’m going to give myself the night off and write this for all of you!

Now, I’m not sure if you guys managed to guess what our previous post was about, though it doesn’t matter now since I’ve already revealed it! Yes! Ashley and I attended Benefit’s Makeup Workshop last Saturday at Ion’s Sephora. 🙂 It was supposed to demonstrate proper and correct usage of the Benefit products, as well as promote their latest Fake Up Concealer.

We thought that, at $30, it was rather reasonably priced since other brands hold their workshops at even $100 and above; plus the $30 was fully redeemable so of course we were in!

Hit the jump to see Part One of our experience! 

The place was so beautifully and intricately set up that Ash and I were wowed the moment we walked in. The area was pretty small, considering, but it still looked very pretty.

You could tell that a lot of effort was put into product placement, and just how they arranged the makeup on the table to make it easier for us to pick and choose. They also added in sweet touches such as extra spools, cotton pads, tissues, and even bottled water! Ash and I especially loved the cute headbands (the light blue patterned ones above!), so much that we actually wanted to take them home (we didn’t though haha!).

There was also a model that the products were demonstrated on, and yes we know she looks very bored here but in actual fact she was very sweet and smiley throughout the workshop. I can only imagine how awkward she must’ve felt with so many eyes on her! I would’ve died on the spot.

Our instructor, Bernadette (above in short hair and in black attire) was very patient with us through the step by step makeup application and came to each of our tables to see our progress. She never criticized anyone or made them feel uncomfortable. If your method was incorrect, she simply gave tips on how to improve it. I personally learnt quite a lot!

If you’re shy though about removing your makeup and reapplying it in public (because oh, people WILL watch and some will even take videos/photos.. -_-) then maybe this is not for you. Otherwise, if you’re just looking to learn more tips and tricks on how to have a fresh everyday look that can be done quickly, do try this out!

You can check for spots on their Facebook Page HERE or call this number 8228 9987 to check for availability. 🙂

– – 

In our next post, I’ll show the step by step demonstration of Ashley applying the products and her before/after photo as well. We’ll also be revealing a secret method known as the “Million Dollar Eye” – if you want to know more, do stay tuned!

Here’s us with Bernadette:

ps – I did feel uncomfortable with such defined eyebrows, but what’s a makeup
class without learning new things right? 


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