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Sam has already done up the other two sections to the workshop that we attended so I’ll keep mine short! (yes this is the last part to our post regarding the Benefit workshop)

The Benefit workshop was definitely a lot of fun, starting from the basics and working our way into understanding their products that they had laid out for us. As you’ve read previously, we were taught how to do the “Million Dollar Eye” look, which included mixing Benefit’s High Beam, Fake Up and Ooh La Lift! – it is the perfect combo for brightening and concealing the under eye area – and I’ve been wondering if I should get the products to get the amazing results… Hmm…

Anywho! After attending the workshop, we got goodie bags which consisted of three samples ; Cha Cha Tint, Fakeup & Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation.

FYI: Im in the shade light for the fake up & in ivory for the hello oxygen foundation.

It was great that they had Cha Cha Tint within the goodie bag because I do own samples of benetint, posetint and high beam so it was great to have more products to try! Although the shades of the Fakeup & hello flawless were a tad bit dark for me, thankfully summer is around the corner so I’m sure I’ll be able to use give it a go then.

– – 

Benefit products that I liked

Seeing that we got the opportunity to try out several of their products, there were a couple that left a good impression through the hands-on-activity.

Remove It – Make up Remover
SG$ 35 
This alcohol and oil free makeup remover caught my attention firstly because of its really cute packaging – but secondly because of the light weight texture. It is quite comparable to Bioderma because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling gross/ sticky or irritated, It removed a lot of my makeup within two wipes and left my skin feeling breathable and comfortable. It’s perfect for all skin types, so if you’re interested in opening up your eyes to more cleansers, this might be the option for you! Side note: its slightly pricer and contains less product than a Bioderma Crealine for its price.
Coralista Ultra Plush
SG$ 26 
Both Sam & I are not huge fans of the typical sticky textures that one might get from a lipgloss but this is the PERFECT non-stick gloss formula. Come summer time when we are all out at the beach/ under the sun, a lipstick might not cut it out for you – I highly recommend getting a shade from this line that would suit your skin tone. In particular, the Coralista looked really natural and gave us kissable looking lips that you’d see in magazines. There isn’t too much of a sheen to this product and is creamy and soft enough that it feels like there’s a balm mixed into it. Who doesn’t want kissable looking lips ?! 

They’re Real! Mascara 

SG$ 37  (Purchased! )

I am a huge fan of mascaras, if I’m having a laid back day at the country club or even just out and about I dont like having much makeup on but masacara is a must have! I do own a couple of mascaras from the drugstore and this one from Benefit has been raved about on the beauty guru community on youtube last year – i’ve just never given into the temptation until today. The formula is a bit thicker and for those who might have thinner lashes, it might not work out for you. I have relatively longer lashes as compared to most Asians – and this product really does volumize/ lengthen/ curl my lashes to make me look more wide awake. It is quite comparable to the Maybelline Falsies Mascara but I will have an in depth review & comparison, come after assessments!

Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW! Foundation
 SG$ 48  

If you guys are looking for a semi-high end foundation that gives relatively light to medium coverage this might be the one for you! This lightweight foundation applies really smoothly to the skin and is definitely buildable should you want more coverage. I honestly would love to have bought this product had I not have summer coming up back in Hong Kong- the reason being that I don’t wear much makeup then because Its a time where I’m always out and about and under the sun and I enjoy letting my skin breathe. This might however, be on my list to purchase right before the new school year starts. 
– – 
Out of the 4 favourites, I only ended up getting the Mascara just because I had other products that resembled the other 3 that were mentioned and am determined to finish them up before purchasing new ones. 
The workshop was a great experience and it has definitely opened me up to the potential that Benefit cosmetics have to offer. I definitely recommend going for the workshop if they’re still spots avaliable – if not, I’m sure the future workshops will be just as great.
We are so so happy to have finished all our assessments and are super pumped to be working full-time on our blog;) There will be no doubt more amazing things to look out for on this blog so stay tuned!
Much Love,

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