Benefit Workshop (Part Two)

Hi everyone,

we’re back with Part Two! I originally thought of showing you the steps demonstrated on the model, but the pictures don’t look that great, and I had already taken photos of Ashley as well so I assumed that would be more personal!

Here’s Ashley looking cute as a kitty (they provided props for us to take photos in, very fun!) and all finished with her makeup. If you want to see how she achieved this naturally made up look, do hit the jump to continue.

(note: very image heavy inside, so you might require a good internet connection.)

Since we arrived with makeup on our faces, the first thing that we had to do was remove it. They provided us with their very own Makeup Remover called “Remove It”! It is non-alcoholic so it doesn’t irritate or overdry your skin. At the same time, it really removes all traces of makeup, as you can see below – it took us about 2 cotton pads to get everything off!

Our only gripe with the bottle was that the opening (after twisting off the cap) was quite large so it requires a good hand to get out the amount you really need, or else too much might spill out.

Here’s Ashley with all her makeup off! And the next steps we took were to apply their toner and moisturizer. Their toner was called “Moisture Prep” because it does exactly that. Instead of drying out the skin with alcohol as most others do, theirs was meant to plump up and moisten the skin in preparation of the moisturizer.

Benefit has two different types of moisturizers.

One is called “Total Moisture Facial Cream” which is suited for dry and mature skin and the texture is creamier and quite sticky. The other is called “Triple Performing Facial Emulsion” and is meant for normal to combination skin. It is gel-like in texture and sinks right in without any sticky feeling. I personally loved it.

We then applied the eye cream called “It’s Potent!” which targets fine lines and dark circles. It blended in wonderfully and created a good canvas for eye make up.

Next was to prime our skin with the “PORE-fessional” Primer. We did not apply it all over our face, as Bernadette (our instructor) mentioned. We only applied it to places where our pores were larger such as our cheeks and nose. We only applied a tiny pea size all over with a flat foundation brush and that was enough!

Now here’s the most interesting part! The MILLION DOLLAR EYE! At first we were a bit skeptical, because how on earth is there such a thing!? All it took was 1 tiny swipe of “Ooh La Lift”, “High Beam” and a dash of “Fake Up” Concealer (according to your skin tone).

All you have to do is mix all three at the back of your hand as such and then apply it onto your undereye area with a concealer brush. A finger does fine if that’s what you’re comfortable with – just make sure you pat it in and not swipe or tug it across. Sorry I couldn’t get a good shot though I hope you get the general idea of it.

At first, we couldn’t tell the effects of it and weren’t too blown away – weirdly, for some reason, as we slowly finished our makeup, we realized our eyes DID look a lot brighter and healthier. Also, when blended properly, there really wasn’t any creasing. It was just smooth, beautiful, and glowy.

Then we applied their “Hello Flawless – OXYGEN WOW” liquid foundation onto our faces with a flat foundation brush. Once again, it isn’t necessary to cover your whole face unless you’re going to a gala event or something – you only need to apply them to your problem areas or places you’d like to smooth

If you get a shade that really suits your skin tone (and you will with this foundation as it has 9 shades in total), it should blend into your skin and look as though you’re not wearing any foundation at all. The theory behind this is to create the illusion of really good healthy skin, as opposed to people actually knowing your “good skin” is only because of your foundation.

Ashley and I really liked this foundation. It softened our skin, it created a glow, and it hid our pores so well. A little went a very long way and it lasted till we got home and removed our makeup.

We then applied Benefit’s famous tints on our faces. Ashley went with Posie Tint, which is a brighter candy pink as opposed to Benetint’s rosy redness. Do not be too alarmed by the neon pink though because it blends in very well. I would say this suits fairer skinned people because the pink would show up better.

We used a brush to blend it after swiping the product 3 times across each cheek. We held our brush to the apples of the cheek and blended it upwards to the hairline.

To create a longer lasting color, Ash also added their “Sugarbomb” powder blush onto the apples of her cheeks. This ensured that the cream blush was set in and the colors mixed together would be stronger.

The colors do not look very vibrant here due to the lighting, but you will definitely see the difference in the before/after photos later.

We then prepped our eyelids with their eyelid primer “Stay, Don’t Stray” and applied our eyeshadows from their eyeshadow box set “Eyenessa’s Most Glamorous Nudes Ever”. There are 3 different box sets in total, but we used the one in the middle.

We used their “RSVP” Cream shadow over our lids, and then “Call My Buff” over it to our eyebrow area. This was to widen our eyes and make it look more awake. The colors were rather like typical nudes – light taupe and champagne yellow respectively.

For “Stay, Don’t Stray” and “RSVP” we used a cream eyeshadow brush, and for “Call My Buff” we used a powder eyeshadow brush.

Next, we applied our eyeliners and mascara. I opted for the liquid eyeliner, but Ash chose their “Bad Gal” pencil eyeliner instead.

We thought their eyeliners were so-so, we weren’t too crazy about them. Their “They’re Real!” mascara, however, totally blew us away. Without even the need for an eyelash curler, two coats were enough to make our eyelashes totally curled up and voluminous!

Ash’s results were the most obvious and they looked amazing – very jet black and thick, and with so little effort required! The wand was also quite interestingly shaped as you can see. It can be applied vertically for length and horizontally for curl and volume. It MIGHT clump if you put too much, so always remember to run it through your eyelashes in a zig-zag manner to prevent that.

The last steps were to do our eyebrows and lips!
For our eyebrows we used “Brow-zing” – both the wax and powder (just one dot of the hard-angled brush in each of them before applying to the eyebrows).
The color was quite strong and it filled in the brows well. With a proper brush, we were also able to create more defined eyebrows.

For lips we only applied lip gloss – we chose to go with “Coralista” because of it’s natural sun-kissed color. Plus we are suckers for corals and it looked so pretty on the model when it was tried on her, haha.

We applied it with a q-tip/cotton bud for sanitary measures; if you’ve got your own you can always apply it directly onto your lips.


Here is a direct comparison of the two, and you can see that her eyebrows on the left are more filled up, her eyes look wider and brighter, and her cheeks have a healthy glow. (you can click on the photo for a closer look!)

The makeup isn’t too over the top or obvious, but works very well for an everyday look. πŸ™‚

And just for fun, because we always say this about Ashley and she denies it, I’m putting a photo of her and Youtube Star Cathy Nguyen side by side for comparison.

Ahahahahahha, laughed to death on my side lol. Okay, well we hope this has helped and you have enjoyed this post! We know it has been a very long post but we thought a step-by-step post required this many steps and photos, and we wanted you guys to learn along with us πŸ™‚

We hope to see you soon after our 2nd assessment next week, till then take care everyone!

Lots of Love,
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