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So a week ago, I entered Zoe (fashiononymous) ‘s contest to attend Nouveau¬† which is ¬†Chinese International School (Hong Kong)’s annual fashion show. I’ve never won a contest before and was beyond excited when I received Zoe’s email. I am aware that this isn’t a typical beauty post like we always do but we’d thought it be nice to have a feature of lifestyle and other posts from other ¬†categories¬†¬†within our blog from time to time ūüôā

There are numerous fashion shows that are held by the ESF and international schools in Hong Kong, and because I no longer study in HK, it was hard for me to attend these events Р I am really glad that I was back in time to attend Nouveau. 

About Nouveau

Nouveau Promo Video

Nouveau is a student run, non- profit charity fashion show. This year’s inaugural show will feature student models, performers, and designs as well as a wide selection of local and international brands.¬†

The beneficiary of the event is the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The CCF is a long-standing non-governmental organization that provides service to young cancer patients in Hong Kong. The funds raised will be used to help the foundation carry out its work in hospitals, in the community ‚Äď and most importantly ‚Äď with young cancer patients and their families in their daily needs.¬†


Fluorescent Adolescent. Join us on the night of Nouveau 2013, as we celebrate the vibrancy of youth, and inspire students to take a break from their hectic lives for just a moment, to savor their youth, and to revel in the blitheness and vitality that is adolescence.
– Words taken off the Nouveau description pages
The event

Everyone was seated according to their tickets – Platinum, Gold and Silver – thanks to Zoe, I won the gold ticket and had a pretty decent view of the event.¬†The entertainment, the food was amazing – I absolutely loved that the models were so comfortable strutting down that runway, it made watching them a lot more enjoyable know that their having a good time. ¬†I bumped into some old friends at the event whom I’ve not seen in about 7 years from my primary school which was a complete plus to my evening.¬†

The apparel that strutted down the runway included Li & Fung LTD  ( American Eagle , Aeropostale) ,  Textwood Apple , LAB concept ( Wild fox, etc ), SYRA J. and Diane Fres. In particular, I loved the prints and garments designed by Diane Fres Р props to the Nouveau team because I felt that the selected models who wore each piece brought out the personality of the garment, be it because of their hair colour or the way the presented the pieces.

I also received a goody bag that had vouchers for the SWANK , BACKROOM, pretty dangerous, along with some kiehls samples, a maybelline duo and a macaron from Paul Lafayet. Not to mention the custom chocolates made by Chocoyou.¬† I am looking forward to giving the products a go and will definitely let you guys know what I think of them really soon! Ps, I’m still trying to find places here with good natural lighting – am sorry if you guys are sick of the same background but bear with me for a little while!¬†

Meeting Zoe

If you lovelies aren’t aware of who Zoe is, she is a 16 year old ¬†fashion blogger based in Hong Kong. She has a bold sense of style and probably one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. Although she was busy with the event – We got to have a short chat at the end of the event and I do hope to meet up with her again sometime soon.¬†

Unfortunately I did not manage to get decent clips to put together as a vlog for you all but I will definitely consolidate the few clips that I have at hand into one video for you guys sometime soon! Apologies that the photographs aren’t of amazing quality but I believe the Nouveau team will have the official photographs up on their page here¬†¬†. An amazing event that supports an amazing cause – Well done guys!
Thank you so much to Zoe and the organising team for the amazing night!  I hope you all are enjoying your weekend 
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