Instagram Update: Under The Sea

Hi everyone! 🙂

I was supposed to come up with a post on my favorites today but my Canon G10 is acting weird and providing really weird photos (perfect when zoomed in but blurry when zoomed out!?) and my Olympus Pen is charging.. so I thought it’d be a good time to do an Instagram update!

1. As you all know, Ashley has gone back to Hong Kong for 3 months, leaving me alone here to rot and die. Haha I exaggerate, but I do miss her a lot. Anyway! I finally got a day off from our assessments and blog work and got to meet my boyfriend! 🙂 We went to Singapore’s Resort World Sentosa’s Maritime Museum, which is really a fancier way of saying “Underwater World” (what we had a long time ago).

2. It was JAM-PACKED with families and tourists since it was a Sunday, and it took a lot of maneuvering whilst indoors to see anything, much less take photos. However, I did take one of this huuuuuuuuge tube of an aquarium. It looked amazing and intimidating all at the same time. Breathtaking.

3. My boyfriend and I took a snack break inside one of the restaurants called “Ocean” which is actually opened by Cat Cora, the first female Iron Chef! Very cool stuff. We ordered a SGD$52 Mac and Cheese (WHAT!?!! I know right!?) with Maine Lobster. Luckily enough, it was extremely tasty though the lobster was a tad overcooked… Couldn’t complain much because I was busy with the view: CHECK OUT THE MANTA RAYYYSSSSS. Craziness honestly, especially because our table was right next to the window and we so overwhelmed everytime some gargantuan fish would come swim by us.

4. This is, obviously, an extremely heavily edited version of a tiny window in the Maritime Museum. I do not even remember what was inside the tank besides those corals and a few fishes. As I mentioned, it was very difficult to get near anything with the crazy crowd.

My boyfriend actually enjoyed this experience way more than I did. I pathologically resent crowds (I am a little of an introvert) and was way more disturbed by how many people were squeezing past me than just how many fishes there were swimming around. I did love the restaurant though, so if you guys get the chance, do check it out. It’s worth every penny! 🙂

Under the Sea, Under the Sea~
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