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There are always more than one or two alternatives that you should have around the house to remove your makeup. Granted yes, there might be one that works amazingly for you but! its no harm having options for nights where we want a deeper cleanse and other days when we are in a hurry. and who doesn’t love good finds that they can pick up at the drug store?  This product is a cleanser and a makeup remover in one 😉 
Upon my last trip back in Hong Kong , I purchased the Biore Cleansing Gel as I was running low on the one I initially had and I was honestly amazed at the results. It removed my makeup including my waterproof mascara without me having to tugg hard at my skin and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry after. For the price, I think it’s very much worth it. 
The product is known to deeply cleanse the pores to remove any residue of makeup. It’s even been known to remove waterproof makeup up leaving skin feeling fresh and not one bit greasy. The product contains moisturizing ingredients to make skin feel soft without having the wash your face without a cleanser again after.
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Its a simple pump, the only thing that I have to say is that you shouldn’t leave the product in your shower where its all wet, do take it out after using it because like all products once soaked in water, the label tends to slip off. Minor issue though!


It lives up to its name by having a gel consistency, it has a very light fragrance to it as well. As you can see from the photograph, it holds a lot moisture within the product as well. 
I have normal skin and I can honestly say that it works well in removing all my makeup, I don’t find myself going back with an additional facial wipe or anything and my face is left hydrated and plump. 

1) I take about one pump of this product ( a little bit goes a long way)
2) spread them between my finger tips 
3) slowly massage it into a dry face
4) I massage it until I see that most of my makeup has “melted” off my face 
5) Wash off 
Cleanser & Makeup Remover in 1 
Definitely an interesting formula by which is turns into a facial wash later on, needless to say I’ve recently repurchased this product a couple of days a go. If you guys are looking into trying something new to remove your makeup, definitely give this ago because the process of having to massage the product into my skin to watch the makeup melt off is quite satisfying. 
Overall thoughts
I do like this product and I’ve manage to repurchase it within two days of being back in Hong Kong. If you cannot stand using an oil based makeup remover give this a go! I do switch up my cleansing routine between this and two other products just so that my skin doesn’t get too used to each one of their properties.
 If you do get it into your eye however, like all products it might sting – but it isn’t anything too painful!  It is quite hard to find apparently, because I’ve done some research prior to creating this post and there isn’t much publicity about this product. If you are looking for a product to  remove your makeup and cleanse your face after a long day running errands here’s your answer! It leaves you skin feeling really fresh after too.

I am terribly sorry to all our readers back in SG and overseas, the stockist prices will be in HKD for the time being because I am in Hong Kong atm.  
stocklist : watsons/ mannings / lungshing  HK$49
Overall Rating: 7.5  / 10
Is this going to be your new drugstore purchase ;)?
Much Love
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