Review: Final thoughts on Kiehl’s BB Cream


(I don’t know if any of you watch Marcus Butler’s Youtube Videos, but he has his particular way of saying hello that’s gotten stuck in my head. If you watch it, you’d understand.)

Okay I digress. Back to the point – I’m here to give my final thoughts on Kiehl’s BB Cream. I did give a more in-depth review on it here previously (so I am not going to be too detailed/provide many photos this time), but I mentioned I would come back and give the rating after trying it out for about a month or two.

Now, heres where it gets a little bit difficult for me to decide, honestly. It is quite a dilemma.

So what I will do is break it down into an equal number of Pros and Cons and you guys decide for yourselves whether it’s worth a go :).


– Finish is natural and beautiful
– Does what it says and lightens scarring and pigmentation
– Lovely texture for blending
– Color is a good match for different skin tones
– Does cover up and minimize the appearance of pores when used
– High SPF, which is so necessary in our hot and humid climate


– Not much coverage for a BB Cream, hence it’s “natural” look
– Does oxidize a little and gets oily after about 3-4 hours
– Requires a loose powder on top as the finish can be quite dewy
– Not very suitable for undereye area, too thick
– Not as hydrating as I thought it would be.
– Probably need a beauty blender or sponge for the application to be really flawless

For my final point (I did not include this under cons because it applies to every BB cream I’ve used), I did end up breaking out. I think this would be due to my forehead being quite acne-prone, plus my skin is rather sensitive and cannot seem to take anything thicker than sunblock.

I know people who have used this and have not broken out, so I do think it could just be me. All the same, ask for a sample at Kiehl’s and you can decide for yourself just how much you like it.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Stockist: Any Kiehl’s outlet in Singapore (Store Locator Here)

Hope this post helps!



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