Review: Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel (updated!)

Today we’re putting up a review of Maybelline’s latest BB cream! Or.. BB gel more like. The newest product in the market claims to be extremely hydrating whilst providing other benefits such as even skin tone, clarity, reduced pore size, and UV protection.

I’ve tried and tested this item, and here is what I think.


There isn’t much to say really, just a twist-cap opening. The bottle is quite small, and only has about 30ml worth of BB Watergel inside. I think it’s extremely portable and slim, which makes for easy bringing about when you’re on the go or travelling.

It fits easily in the hand, and product comes out when you squeeze the tube. Very straightforward.


The texture really feels like a gel, no joke. It is like putting on a gel-based moisturizer on your skin. There is no sticky-factor at all – in fact, check out the 2nd photo! There’s even water droplets appearing as I rub it into my skin! It’s so hydrating that it glides gently on and blends in beautifully. It absorbs SO quickly into the skin and leaves a naturally pretty dewy look.

There are two colors to this BB Watergel, Natural Beige and Medium Beige. I am in shade Medium Beige because I seem to have gotten darker for some reason. It disappears into my skin, so it looks like I just have a very beautiful complexion with almost no makeup on.

The only gripe about this is.. if the darkest color suits me.. it may not suit anyone darker than that. This product is about 50% sheer but can still appear too fair if darker skintones use it. I guess it’s lack of adaptability to a wider range of skin tones might be one of the biggest cons since Singapore is a multi-national country.


Now, this is a really weird phenomenon for me. I cannot use it with a Beauty Blender at all. It is just too smooth; apparently it just absorbed straight into my beauty blender, leaving nothing to blend on my skin.

The only solution is to then put it on your finger tips and just gently stroke it into your skin. I don’t even think patting is suitable since it’s so slippery. Do be warned though, apply this to one area of your face a time, do not try to put it all over at once – it will not look as flawless nor cover as well.

Most people, for BB Creams, would say that a little goes a long way, but it is not the case for this one. You may actually end up having to put quite a bit because just as you start to put it on, it suddenly disappears! It is good in the blendability department but it definitely makes you wonder if it’s worth spending $20 on a product you may finish very quickly.

Overall Thoughts:

I like this BB Watergel A WHOLE LOT.

I like it because it is the best BB “cream” texture I’ve ever come across. I like how I can even consider going without loose powder because it honestly just absorbs into the skin. It is so smooth, it does what it says and is hydrating all at the same time. I look dewy without looking oily, and that is a feat in Singapore’s humid weather.

But to be very honest, it absorbs MUCH too quickly – so fast that I cannot even remember which part of my face I’m applying it on. This could lead to product wastage because I could keep reapplying it on areas I’ve already covered without knowing. : Also, if you’re a fan of matt finishes, then this might not be your cup of tea.

All the same, I say this is definitely worth a try because it’s just so different and revolutionary in a way and so very affordable at just $20! (Guardian is having an introductory price at $17 – though I’m not sure for how long)

I hope this review has helped, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I reply ALL comments! 🙂

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An update after using it for awhile longer:

My feelings remain, I still like this BB Cream a lot – way more than I did for Kiehl’s (sorry Kiehl’s!). A little note of advice to whoever wants full or medium coverage: this does not provide it.

In fact, I’m of combi/dry skin and I find that it really wears off after about 6 hours. What I put on in the morning definitely does not remain; only about 40% is left. I have no problems with this because I use it more as a way to even my skin tone out rather than to camouflage imperfections. But for those who do, here’s a heads up.

HOWEVER, if you’ve dry skin and you work in an aircon environment the whole day, this is perfect! I work in aircon for about 10 hours a day and my skin does not feel in the least bit tight or dry. My pores do not start to show (as they would when my skin is dehydrated), so yes ba-la-ba-ba-ba, I’m loving it! xx

Overall Rating: 8/10

Stockist: Any Guardian, Watsons, or Departmental Store.

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