Sneak Preview

Hi lovely and loyal readers,
We want to start this post off with: we are so sorry about the hiatus! So so so so so extremely apologetic about it – believe me, we’d rather be nowhere but here. Unfortunately, LASALLE disagrees with that, so we will pried away for quite awhile.
As service recovery (haha), we’ll be creating 3 posts – so that it would make for easier reading! We’re even giving our very first blog-post tutorial in one of them, so do stay tuned for that! 😉

Here’s 2 photos as a sneak preview of what it’s about: Any guesses?

(Hint – check out our instagram @SamanthAshley_ 🙂

Hope your weekend has been good so far lovelies, and we hope it’ll only get better.

All our love,
Samantha Ashley
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