DIY: Honey Aspirin Masks

Hi there babies, I know we seldom do this, but I thought I’d try this out and see how it goes. We’re adding a DIY section to this blog! And for the first post, I’ll be reviewing the very very well renowned Honey Aspirin Mask which is said to be one of the overnight miracle cures to huge acne, and talking about whether it REALLY works.

Warnings about this Mask

Many people warn against using this if you are sensitive to Aspirin because it will create the same kind of allergic reactions as ingesting it. So do be very careful. Also, this mask can be very drying, so dry or very sensitive skin should stay away from this.

I am only using this as an overnight spot treatment, not for the entire face. If you are using this for your whole face, I suggest only putting it for 15-20 minutes max, no more than that.

Ingredients for Mask

Please feel free to gauge how much you need, I am basing mine on the size of my own zit.

1-2 uncoated Aspirin (I’m using Bayer’s)
1/3 teaspoon of Manuka Honey 
4-5 droplets of lemon juice (if that’s not enough, use 1-3 droplets of water)

Background Information

The reason why Aspirin is used is because it contains salicylic acid, which is wonderful for unclogging pores and soothing big angry pimples. Manuka Honey is calming and has natural healing properties; on top of that, it is also highly antibacterial. Lemon Juice lightens scars and lessens redness. These three together are a powerful concoction, and are not to be taken lightly.

How to Make/Use Mask

I’ve displayed a step by step tutorial above, so it should be very simple to follow with the written instructions below.

Preparation Time: 7-10 Minutes

1) Take out 2 Aspirins and put them in a small bowl
2) Put 4-5 drops of water/lemon juice on them till they break and mix up
3) Make sure both are getting powdery and clumped together
4) Add the Manuka Honey on top and mix it together till it becomes a paste (try to use a wooden or plastic spoon to mix the honey, as metal can corrupt or lessen the antibacterial properties in honey)
5) Apply the mixture onto the troubled area – make sure the layer is thick and covers well
6) Put a band aid/plaster on top so it doesn’t come off onto your pillowcase

It’s as simple as that!

Results and Overall Thoughts

So here is a before and after photo. Well I can’t sayIf you asked me to compare the results of this mask to another product, what would come to my mind is Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion.

They both work by really drying out the spot and “sucking” up all the badness that’s just clogged inside. And basically, in beauty terms, it draws the impurities up to the surface which I suppose makes it easier to clear or handle. You can opt to pop the pimple since it has now shown a (very huge) head, or put a 3M Nexcare Acne Patch on it to suck up all the pus.

It doesn’t appear to be a quick fix for me, like most online websites say, but I suppose I can still consider a good thing that there is at least a head, rather than waiting for the redness to keep growing for days on end. Also, the red spots all around my chin seem to have lightened and diminished quite a bit!

Do not anticipate it to totally eradicate the pustule or whatever is inside – if you have a wedding the day after or prom, I strongly suggest just going to the doctor and getting an injection to the spot itself.

Recommended For

People who just want to quicken up the growth process of the pimple so they can quickly pop it/flatten it, and people who are not allergic to aspirin or have very sensitive/dry skin.

Would I repurchase

Well I do know that the column should actually be “Would I keep using this method” but I do have to look into the cost of Bayer Aspirin, Lemons and Manuka Honey. In total, depending on where you get the Lemons and Honey from (my Honey is a very tiny jar from Honey World and only cost me about $7), it should come to about $1 per use. That is a good deal right there. So yes, I would repurchase all those items, and I will definitely keep redo-ing this mask when I have a huge headless zit that no other over-the-counter medicines seem to cure.

Stockists (for myself): Guardian/Watsons for Bayer Aspirin, Cold Storage for Lemons, and Honey World for Manuka Honey UMF 15.
Overall Rating: 7/10
Have a good weekend all! (♥)  Sam  

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