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Hi there pretties,

how have you been? Ash and I have been swamped with stuff, and I recently got a new job which seems pretty time consuming, so we’ll try to keep up with our posts. If we seem to be slowing down, do be patient with us, we try our best! 🙂

Anyway I’ve been getting comments from friends and family that some of the products we use seem a little too high end and do not cater to the general public who might not want to spend that much on cosmetics. So I’ve decided to do a post on my Face Of the Day with some of my favorite drugstore products. I did not review some of them because they’ve been on the market for quite awhile before this blog started, but if you’d like me to I will.

Let’s Start!

Foundation/BB Cream:

You can find my review on this here. I like this because it is extremely lightweight and does not make me feel like I am wearing much or any makeup at all. Normally, I squeeze out about 2-3cm worth of product onto the end of my fingertips, and quickly spread it out all over my face.

I use only one layer, though the effect is buildable, because I do not like a heavily made up face. It’s enough to even my skin tone out, cover some small pores, and make my face look glowing and healthy.


I use a mixture of ZA and Maybelline concealers because of their colors. Maybelline’s is very warm and ZA’s is too cool; the result is just nice for my undereyes and provides better coverage. Both are liquid concealers, so they’re not as heavy duty. If you notice, you can still see some of my dark rings peeking through.

This isn’t much of an issue for me because majority of the problem is covered up. The two formulas are very smooth and go on without any issue. It is so easy to blend them in and achieve a nice finish.


For my blusher, I’m using Maybelline’s Dream Mousse in Rose Petal. This was given to me by Ashley because she’s a fan of matte products and this is quite shimmery. I might even go to the extent where it is slightly glittery. I like it because I enjoy the highlighting aspect, plus the color isn’t too strong. There is a flush to the cheeks without going over the top.

Lipbalm/Lip Stain:

I LOVE this lip balm/lip stain. I find it way better than Revlon’s Ultimate Suede, though I know people are raving about the latter. It is 100x more hydrating, has stronger staying power, and even lasts after I eat! Also, it doesn’t feather to the sides as much, and doesn’t leave a weird empty circle around the middle. Then again, to each their own.

I also like this color a lot! It’s in the middle of red and pink, and it really adds a pop of color and liveliness to the whole look. I have pale lips, so I normally prefer having a more vibrant lip. 🙂


(I know The Face Shop isn’t a drugstore brand but at $12.95 it’s even cheaper than Maybelline or L’Oreal! So by price range I label it under drugstore brand, and that’s that.)
Anyhow.. Is it weird if I call this eyeliner the bomb-diggity? Hahaha, I know it’s so cliche. I’ve been using this eyeliner for about 1-2 years if memory serves me right. I normally use liquid eyeliners because I think they smudge less and have a darker color.
This one in particular does not smudge at all on me; and mind you, I have extremely oily lids. What it does, however, is flake (very very occasionally) so you can easily peel the part off and reapply the eyeliner. I suppose some people may find that a hassle but believe me, I’d rather that than walk around looking like a panda the rest of the day. 
The color goes on so deep even at first application so I do not find myself having to put on layers and layers. I just draw to the areas I need to apply it to, let it dry, and I’m done. I do not even need to set it with a loose powder of any sort. 

Overall Thoughts:

There you have it! My final look! This is what I’d do for days I’m rushing out of the house and need to go to work/meet friends! I think it’s fairly simple and casual, I do not use eyeshadows or extra highlighting/contouring. I slap this on and I go. It takes me about 10-15 minutes max (I do not draw my brows because I go for eyebrow embroidery) and I think it makes me look awake and fresh.If you didn’t already notice, my makeup is really pretty basic most of the time. I do not enjoy experimenting much in the contouring/eyeshadow department because I really sometimes much prefer going out with as little makeup as possible on. For normal days, I even skip the Maybelline BB Watergel and just use sunblock instead.PS – I’ve gone brunette! Can you tell? Hahah I know the color isn’t showing up much in pictures, but I think it’d be a little more obvious with a few more washes. 😉I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I will definitely be doing more of it in the future, especially on days where I get a little more dressy! 🙂
Have a good week!
Much love,
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