Review: Jurlique Rose Silk finishing Powder

I don’t know about you, but! come summertime or whenever the weather starts to get extremely hot and sticky, my skin starts to get a little oily in my T-zone. This factor alone irritates me quite a bit because I then feel like my make up doesn’t look as good and throws me off leaving the house for whatever I have on during the day. Do you feel this too ? I might just have the solution for you 😉

As it is summer time, I’ve been keeping my makeup routine to the bare minimum – Mascara, Tinted moisturizer with SPF , lip gloss and a Finishing powder. The Jurlique Finishing powder helps keep my skin matte for the whole day ( depending on how humid the day is) and I had to share it with you all 🙂


Jurlique is known to carry a range of natural Beauty, Skincare & Bath products to achieve glowy and healthy skin the natural way. A silky translucent facial powder for normal skin that refines the complexion and helps reduce unwanted shine. Leaves skin fresh and radiant.

Corn & Rice Starch act as natural substitutes for Talc, while Silican imparts a smooth texture onto your skin. Glycerin helps to moisturize and prevent moisturize loss at the same time. Arnica is also present to help soothe and cool the skin.

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A very light packaging which makes it perfect for travelling. The product comes with a mirror, a powder puff and has a sift to ensure that not a lot of product comes out whilst hanging about in your makeup bag. I used to use the powder puff, which works really well whilst out and about but I’ve just been using my Real Techniques large powder brush to apply it while I’m getting ready.

Texture/ Finish

Relatively fine powder, doesn’t leave skin looking chalky whatsoever.It has a light Rosey scent to it which makes it all the more fresh upon application. It’s a lightweight powder so it doesn’t feel like you’ve got anything on at all. It doesn’t completely mattify your face but controls the oil from shining through, making it look extremely natural.


As mentioned, I enjoy using my Real techniques Large powder brush – It evenly distributes the product all over my face and blends everything together. I focused the application of my product to my T-zone as that is where it typically appears shiny and dust the remaining on to my cheeks and on my chin. 

Overall Thoughts

I’m so glad I brought this powder with me to Hong Kong, it really helps in a way ” keep my cool” whilst getting ready on a hot summer day. I’ve never quite found oil blotting sheets effective to control the oil in my T-zone, I find that that only lasts awhile before the oil/ shine comes back again. The only downside I’d say is with the packaging, I kinda hoped that the sift would come with a twist mechanism to open and close so that the product can be safely kept within.

Its also perfect for setting any concealer / Foundation / tinted moisturizer you have on, I feel that everything stays in place whilst using the powder to set my makeup.

Recommended for

  • people with normal – oily / combination skin ( * it will not completely mattify your look but will control the oil to look like a natural glow)
  • If you dont mind the fresh rose scent that comes with it  (it only lasts a couple of seconds.)

Would I repurchase 

Its quite likely that I will repurchase this because of the scent and its natural finish. Its really light weight as well so it literally feels like I’ve got nothing on my face!


Hong Kong
Any Jurlique Store
The V shop
* I’m not too sure how much it is because I got it as a gift, but I’ll update this section once I find out!


Overall Rating: 8.5/10

What’s your favourite Jurlique Product? 
let me know in the comments!
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