The 10 benefits of Green Tea

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Not only do skin care products play an important role in contributing to the outlook of our complexion but! what you feed your body is important too. I believe I’ve mentioned this once or twice in my previous posts, ” What your skin is a reflection of your body’s internal condition“.  
There are numerous ways you can switch up your eating habits, I for one, have cut off soda from my diet for quite awhile now. Eating more fruits is also a great option, but today I’m going to share with you the benefits of drinking Green Tea.

Green Tea is known for having numerous health benefits but do we know what they really are?


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Green Tea contains Catechin polyphenols and Epigallocatechin (EGCG) which is a very powerful antioxidant. It’s also known to lower cholesterol and inhibit abnormal formation of blood clots which in turn prevent health problems such as heart attacks and strokes. The Catechin in particular, can also help kill bacteria when one is down with food poisoning. It’s also known to help cleanse your system as well.

Health Benefits
  1. Boosts metabolism 
  2. Contains a type of antioxidant which aids in burning fat
  3. It’s said to be 100 times more effective than Vitamin C 
  4. Lowers Cholesterol 
  5. Helps speed up the recovery of cells
  6. Promotes longevity and anti-aging, keeping skin looking youthful
  7. Represses angiotensin which causes high blood pressure
  8. Boots immune system 
  9. Prevents the risk of having cancer
  10. Helps relieve stress and anxiety
My Experience

I hopped on the green tea bandwagon about 8 months a go and do feel that It’s benefited me quite a number of ways. For one, it has taught me to appreciate having tea without any sugar at all. I used to add sugar to almost any tea / coffee that comes my way and too much sugar isn’t good especially because I’m trying to keep a relatively healthy diet.

In a way Green tea helps calm my nerves down whenever I start to feel anxious because I do have a slight bit of anxiety problems where it can get to point where I can forget to breathe whilst I’m panicking about a situation. This typically results in feel really light headed and having a cup of green tea when I’m stressed always calms me down quite a bit.
It has also helped me get into the mindset of aspiring to lead a healthier lifestyle. I absolutely love green tea and I have a cup every morning over at breakfast and one in the afternoon. 
*If you guys want to start your journey on healthy eating, I’d say the first step is to kick the habit of drinking Soda and try drinking green tea. Don’t completely cut yourself off immediately but take it one step at a time so that it doesn’t come as a shock to your system. 
My favourite types of Green Tea

There are two types of green tea that I typically lean towards, there’s the powder form which I purchase from Genki Sushi or the regular tea bag kind that I get from yogi, Twinings, Celestial or those Japanese one’s you find at the supermarkets. 

Stockist: Yogi Tea selected supermarkets , ( 360 at elements, city super, certain park n shops ) HK$50


So that’s just some of the benefits of green tea, if you guys would like a deeper look into the benefits and the specific terms and properties , feel free to click the sites I’ve referenced above! I hope this has helped you in one way or another and now when people question your love for green tea, you’ve got 10 facts to list out for them! 
Let us know if you enjoy reading these kinds of posts and we will be sure to put up more from time to time!
Here’s to being Healthy!
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