Recently, I was granted the honor of attending a Mary Kay Skincare and Cosmetics Workshop through an email by their Beauty Consultant, NurAin (in the middle). It’s the first invitation Ash and I ever received to anything, and we were ecstatic about it! The sad part was that Ashley is currently in Hong Kong, so I had to find another friend to go with me.. The good part is.. that friend was Charmaine! 🙂 Yay! We were also joined by two other lovely ladies, who were NurAin’s cousin and friend!


For those who are unfamiliar to who Mary Kay is, here’s a quick introduction:

Mary Kay Ash was an original. As an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, she started her business from a tiny store in Dallas, Texas, with five products and one big dream. That dream was to inspire women to transform their lives, and in doing so, help other women transform their lives – because One Woman Can™.

Today, with more than 2.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants, Mary Kay offers more than 200 premium products in more than 35 countries around the world. Through all the milestones, one constant has remained: innovation. For 50 years, Mary Kay has led the way in giving women what they crave: advanced skin care that delivers results; modern makeup in on-trend colors and advanced formulations; and fresh, unforgettable fragrances. Believing in the power and importance of social responsibility, Mary Kay has led the way in showing that beauty can enrich women’s lives – one woman at a time.

The Office/Class

Here are some photos of the place! It’s located at International Plaza. I suppose they hold most of their workshops and classes here because I did see some “classrooms” with chairs, tables, and whiteboards even!

Skincare Workshop

Disclaimer: Most of the products were tried on our hands rather than faces. I have a little phobia of using skincare brands outside of my own because I have extremely sensitive skin and have had bad encounters with trying out new products for the first time. I personally felt that it impossible to gauge the effects of skincare in just one use anyway.

This, however, does not imply that I do not trust Mary Kay’s products in any manner – I have seen their Sales Director and Beauty Consultant (whom I believe use the skincare ranges) and their skin is impeccable.

We went through a basic skincare workshop first and were introduced to two different skincare ranges: Timewise and Botanical Effects. Timewise targets skin above 25, which is when we start to show visible signs of aging such as dryness and fine lines. Botanical Effects targets younger, pubescent, or even troubled skin.

We got to try one or two of their star products out. Here is Char using their Timewise Range’s 3-in-1 Cleanser (Normal/Dry)! As you can see it’s very creamy, which is great for drier skin types because it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural moisture. And though it’s not visible to the naked eye, there are micro-beads inside for gentle exfoliation as well. The product is Dermatologist-tested, and is oil-and fragrance free as well. It has been clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy, so sensitive skins should face no issue with it!

We also tried their Botanical Effects Formula 2 Mask, and that admittedly blew me away! It looked so simple, like a typical deep cleansing cream mask but the effects were fantastic! As you can see above, it goes onto the skin clear and white. One of NurAin’s friends tried it out on her face, and when it was removed – THERE WERE BLACK SPOTS!! Apparently that’s the gunk that got sucked out of her skin! I was really blown away as the effects were so immediate and visible!

Makeup Workshop

Since I personally did not do a step-by-step application of the makeup on myself, I’ll just state my favorite products! They are the Creme-to-Powder Foundation, and the Mineral Powder Foundation, and the Lip Laquer! 🙂

The Creme-to-Powder Foundation is unbelievably soft; I’ve experienced many cream to powder formulas for foundations and very very very few win me over! I always see some sort of feathering or caking in such products, even after blending! But it is so not the case with this one. It disappears into the skin so easily and quickly, you wouldn’t even know it’s there! You get coverage without the hassle, what could be better!? (This works better for normal/dry skin)

The Mineral Powder Foundation is also extremely lovely!  The powder is so very fine and goes into the skin without an issue at all! I’ve never personally used mineral foundation before so I can’t say what it’s comparable to, but it’s not drying or flakey in any way. I carried out the “dryness test” by stretching my skin on my hand to see if anything was caked in between my fine lines or looked “cracky” and it was smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Last but not least is the Pagoda Pink Lip Lacquer – this is part of their limited edition series actually, and I like it so much. In fact I liked it so much I wanted to purchase it on the spot but I had to wait and order *sad face*. As you can see, the color looks so natural and pink; it’s a wonderful stain that comes with great hydrating properties as well! I think it’s the only lip product I’ve ever used that has simulated a pink so close to real rosy/healthy lips! If you do get a chance to purchase it, or if it’s still in stock, get it.

Overall Thoughts

I’m going to be honest and say I felt a little dubious at first when I asked my friend what Mary Kay was all about and she mentioned that they were an MLM company. With the words “MLM” in mind, I was very worried that there’d be a lot of hard selling, especially for someone as “obligated” as I am to buy a product if I feel the salesperson has made sufficient effort in convincing me; yes – even if I do not need or want it.

Fortunately, this was not the case at all. I had a very enjoyable time at the event and, though I walked away without buying anything (because what I wanted was out of stock…), I did feel that they have very solid and worthy products – especially those which I stated I really liked. On top of that, I felt that NurAin, our beauty consultant, was considerate enough to provide a hand scrub for us to cleanse our fingers before touching our faces! It’s a small action, but leaves a great impact!

Before I realized, two hours went past and the workshop was over! We all left with friendly goodbyes after snapping some photos together and that was it!


Now here’s the interesting part! We’re giving away 2 seats (with plus ones included, so you can bring your friends/family with you) for an Eye Spa Workshop on Thursday, 13th June at Triple One Somerset! 🙂 (due to location, this giveaway is only applicable to Singaporean Readers)

All you have to do to win is to leave a comment below like this:

Leave Comment on why you love our blog so far, and what we can do to make it better!


We’ll be picking out the winners by 11th June, 11.59pm. So stay tuned for the results by then!

Thanks for the invite NurAin!
It was a great experience!

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