Final Thoughts: Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Stain Protection Toothpaste

Hi Pretty faces,

Its about time that I present the results of the Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Stain protection Toothpaste! ( wow, thats a mouthful…)  If you have yet to read up on my first impressions post, click here as I won’t be going into too much detail on packaging, etc.  

I am an avid Tea drinker. It has its perks but the downside to that is that depending on how strong you like your tea, it can stain your teeth overtime. Growing up as a kid I drank a cup of tea every morning and never gave specific care on the outlook of my teeth – to me, no tooth decays? Im good to go. This brought about the horrendous state (as you can see in the photograph under my overall thoughts section). I’m honestly so thankful I stumbled upon this product because it’s really created a significant difference in which you’ll see below.

” What about the whitening strips?” , I’ve stopped using that after 4 goes primarily because it started to make my teeth extremely sensitive and I wasn’t going to bare with that just to have whiter teeth. Now that I’ve cleared that bit up,  on to the results of this toothpaste!

Weekly Results

Over the weeks, it was hard to get into the same pose again so apologize for that but I do hope that you’re able to notice a difference. The photos speak for themselves, surface stains have been removed but not as quickly as it claims on the packaging, being 90% within 14 days. 

Overall Thoughts

really like using the toothpaste, It doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste like certain whitening toothpaste do. It doesn’t make my teeth feel sensitive at all and feels like any other regular toothpaste that provide whitening and stain removal effects.

* Please note that that is still me in the photograph, the before and after was taken before and after I had my hair dyed as well! 🙂 

Product claims to

– Helps prevent new surface stains from forming with whitebond protection 
– lifts and polishes away surface stains white patented micro-cleansing whiteners
– cleans hard to reach places with gentle foaming action
– Fights cavities, fights tartar, removes plaque and refreshes mouth.

All in which I feel that this toothpaste has succeeded with fairly well. I guess the only downside to it is how quickly the results come to you which do depend on the original condition of your teeth. Therefore, should you try this product the results might come to you a lot quicker than it has for me. 

Recommended For
  • People who want to gradually whiten their teeth and who aren’t looking for immediate results.
  • Tea/ Coffee loves with stained teeth
  • A great alternative for using whitening strips because it doesn’t break now your enamel, making your teeth sensitive
  • People who want to feel like they’ve walked out of the dentist office after having their teeth cleaned

Would I repurchase?
Yes!  As you can see from the photograph in the header, I’ve practically used a lot of strength in the mornings and nights to squeeze whats left of the toothpaste out. I enjoy the toothpaste and its the only whitening toothpaste that as proved itself without having to make my teeth overly sensitive. 

Stockist: Watsons HK$38 *
* unfortunately I’ve not been able to find this product in SG but its definitely something you can consider picking up if you’re on holiday elsewhere 🙂 

Overall Rating 9 / 10

Have you tried this product or something similar? Let us know in the comments section! We understand we’ve been gone for awhile as we are dealing with quite a bit on our end, we hope you all understand:) 
Goodbye Stained Teeth!
Till my next post 😉
Much Love

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