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It’s already the end of June (like whhhaaaaa….!?) and we are aware of how quickly time flies! Soon we’d both be back in school and, more importantly, reunited in Singapore! Haha I’ve really missed Ash like crazy. There’s not been a day where we have not messaged each other despite her being overseas~ This is called love haha. 

Talking about love, here’s 5 products I’ve been unable to live without for this month – my very darling June Favorites!

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YSL’s Glossy Stain in Fuschia Cubiste

I’ve written about this here but I’ll summarize it again: this is such a lovely color with just the right intensity. It lasts a good 6-8 hours on the lips and really dresses up even the simplest of looks. It is made of the right consistency, is easy to apply… and I can go on forever. You have to try it to understand what I mean, really. Moreover, the packaging is lovely, need I say more?

Price: Should be about $43

Stockists: YSL counters at TANGS, DFS, and Ion

– – 

YSL Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil in 03

Many may think, what’s so great about an eyebrow pencil!? Aren’t all eyebrow pencils the same?

Well yes, and also no. I’ve had eyebrow pencils and powders from drugstore brands and I always assumed that that was enough. There was no need to try one from a high end brand. However, it so happened one day that I was browsing through YSL’s makeup counter and thought, “eh, why not?”

I have not regretted since. It draws on smoothly without any weird obvious lines, and smooths/blends out beautifully. Of course, a drawn eyebrow is a drawn eyebrow – please don’t expect it to look 100% natural. All the same, the ease of using this feels luxurious. The color is perfect as well. Perfect 10 from me.

Price: Should be about $32-35

YSL counters at TANGS, DFS, and Ion

– – 

Dior’s Limited Edition Lip Glow Lip Gloss

I’m sure many of you have heard of Dior’s Lip Glow. It’s basically a balm which changes color according to the heat and type of your lips. I was using that version sporadically, usually when I felt like treating myself and thought I’d need a good lip balm. This summer they came up with the lip gloss version, which I’ve been really liking!

The color is stronger than the one that the balm has to offer and the gloss isn’t sticky. It looks natural without the crazy overshine and keeps my lips plump and hydrated. The pink looks very natural and layers on top or below any lipstick without any issue at all.

Price: $45 

Stockists: Dior Counters in Departmental Stores and DFS

– – 

Dior Skin Flash in 03

Okay, before I talk about this, I’d like to say, “SORRY I CAVED IN AND BOUGHT ANOTHER CONCEALER!!!!” I was just feeling crappy one night whilst roaming in Robinsons (that is a wallet death trap right there!) and I came across Dior. I thought I’d try out their much-raved-about Skin Flash to see what’s the big hooha about and well..

The hooha is that it works better at concealing than YSL’s Touche Eclat (which serves better as a highlighter and I do still use it) and has better hydrating properties! The color is also a better match for my skin tone and allows me to go out with JUST THIS on for those light makeup days. Perfect for those with light to medium dark circles looking for a good investment-worthy undereye concealer. *APPROVED*

Price: $59

Stockists: Dior Counters in Departmental Stores and DFS

– – 

YSL’s Rouge Volupté Shine in Pink in Devotion

I bought this on impulse because I was just looking for a reason to buy something. Don’t we all have those days!? Anyway I asked the SA (Store Assistant) what a popular color was and he pointed to this one. He said it had been selling like hotcakes so I just had to get it. I didn’t even try it on! Crazy right!? Do not never do this, unless you’re like me and just buy to collect beautiful lipsticks lol.

Luckily the color works beautifully on me! I do not use a heavy hand because the pink can be intense and make me look a little.. well.. like a cheap exotic dancer. You know those which want to prove their lipstick is “LOOK AT ME!!!” kind of pink? Yeah.. those. So I use a light layer on my top lip and blend it with my bottom lip then put a layer of gloss over to dilute the color a little more. The effect is a natural happy pink which lasts a good few hours!

Price: Should be about $43 (I’m sorry I’m so unsure about the prices, I really lost the receipt!!)

Stockists: YSL counters at TANGS, DFS, and Ion

– – 

Yes I am aware a LOT of my favorites this month revolves around lip products but I’m one of those “buy one buy all” kind of people. When I buy something, I want the set. I want to try everything. It’s bad but sometimes, as in cases like this, it pays off! I now have 3 extremely lovely lipsticks/lipstains to add to my collection and I am nothing but HAPPY! *sprays confetti into the air*

Well that’s it for my June Favorites; any you’re interested in getting for yourself? 😉

1 more month till Ashley returns!
I cannot wait!
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