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HI EVERYONE! Okay, Ashley is back which means I am ecstatic. So happy I am beyond words. So happy that.. I kinda delayed on my July Favorites. To that, I am so so so so sorry. Really. I’ve been spending.. well everyday with her almost! But school is starting, and July has ended, so it’s time to release my 5 cannot live without products this month!

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SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence

If you guys read my previous Epiduo post, you’d know I was test-driving this baby! In fact, during that period, I was still trying out the samples. However, as you can see from my half-used bottle, that I’ve become a convert and bought a full-sized product! (By full sized I mean the travel sized 75ml one.. not the crazy 250ml one lol.)

I must say, I know why everyone raves about this. When Ashley first came back and saw my face she was like “WOW SAM YOU’RE GLOWING.” She even told me I could forget about my Guerlain Meteorites already! I love the softness of my skin, the moistness and hydration, and just.. all round benefits. My red spots disappear quicker, my acne is better controlled.. and.. well I could rave on but I’d need a post for that. A++ product. SO MUCH LOVE.

Price: $99 at SKII Counters for 75ml

Stockists: Departmental Stores, SaSa, DFS

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Lanvin Eclat D’arpage EDP

I bought this on a whim because my close friend has this perfume as well and smells AMAZING in it. I, for one, am not too big on describing scents, but I’ll try. It’s a cross between fruity and floral and the whole combination is delicate but not too girly. I think it’s perfect for summer days and sundresses! The lilac color of the perfume just embodies the sweetness of the scent so well. 

There’s just a slightly musky base, but really still more floral. A website says it smells like a mixture of refreshing green tea leaves and peony flowers. The visual fits but I’m not too sure how that smell is like exactly. Like I said, I’m bad at this, do forgive me. Head down to Sephora to really get a whiff (and addicted!) to this. 

P/S: Sorry my face looks so silly, Ash was making me laugh as she took the photo. Apparently her instructions were to “LOOK LIKE YOU’RE ENJOYING IT!” lol.

Price: $127 at Robinsons for 100ml (Eau De Parfum)

Stockists: Sephora, DFS, Departmental Stores

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Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Pot

Will I ever stop buying concealers? No. 

I love concealers so much. If you’re a makeup addict, you’ll understand what I mean by I’m a Concealer Girl. Ash is a Primer Girl. There’s just that one product you can never get enough of! This, is a holy grail for me. I used to think my YSL was IT but this one kind of takes the cake. So hydrating for the undereye and not cakey in the slightest bit. Blends well with a Beauty Blender as well! 

The Secret Brightening Powder that it comes with also plays a fantastic role in just.. well. brightening up the eye area! If you’re having one of those “I am a Panda, please kill me (not encouraging poaching here, nor am I saying that pandas should be killed)” days, this clears all your gloomy skies and makes you look WIDE AWAKE! WOOHOO!

Price: $54 at Laura Mercier at TANGS

Stockists: Sephora, TANGS

– – 

Elite Click and Glow 

I’m pretty sure I’m just driving my previous point home here. Except.. I posted this not as a better concealer for the undereye than Laura Mercier’s (despite the picture!) but as an alternative to the YSL Touche Eclat. People have been saying we don’t really post wallet friendly stuff, so here’s one!

It’s a godsend for a cheaper and just as worth it option to smoothen out and lighten those nasal labial lines around your mouth or even your crows feet! The consistency is also rather pigmented, so you could go ahead and use it to cover acne scars and the like! 

Elite has been a pretty high ranking makeup brand, and goes hand in hand with the Elite Model Agency who’s managed pretty big names in the modeling business! If their models love the products, so will you! Plus! Where better to find it at than Watsons? Everyone loves Watsons, full stop.

Price: about $19.90 at Watsons

Stockists: Watsons at Bugis Junction (as far as I know)

– – 

YSL’s Lipliner in Shade 03

Say hello to my first ever lipliner! People have been constantly talking about how important lipliner is, and how it’s like a primer to face foundation! Store assistants at makeup counters have also mentioned how easy it is to shape lips and fill in lipsticks as well as extend their color-lasting properties!

I personally have always been afraid of that weird outline around the lips which I’m sure many of you have seen on women before. It just looks unsightly.. and a little Jersey-Shore-ish… When I see women like that I am always tempted to talk to them in a slightly nasal whiny American Accent..

Thank God my fears have been put to rest with this lipliner because it can be blended in with the entire lip so you escape that horrific fate, and the color is so beautiful! When matched with any lipstick, the color becomes more vibrant, and the staining effect after eating is more obvious. It puts aside the need for additional lipstick touchups, or at least lessens the need for it. Do be sure to BLEND though and color in your WHOLE lip, because the effects will be much better!

Price: $35 at YSL Counters

Stockists: TANGS, Ion, DFS

– – 

I’ve come to the end of my July Favorites! Are there any you guys are curious about? Drop a comment and let me know! 🙂

We’re sorry our posts have been weaning out, but now that we’re back, we’re prepared to have loads more to read now. Apparently we’re a lot more inspired when we’re together! Yay! 🙂

Happy Start to August Everyone!
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