Review: Bobbi Brown Long- Wear Gel Eyeliner

Awarded ‘Best of Beauty’ by ‘Allure’ Magazine (2012) , Winner of ’50 Best Beauty Products 2013′ by ‘Siempre Mujer Magazine’ and Selected as a “Best Beauty Buy” by InStyle Magazine (May 2013). 
The infamous Bobbi Brown Long- Wear Gel Eyeliner –  is it truly worth the hype? 

Despite having dupes in the market, I still felt the need to try the product first hand to get what the hype was all about. I guess that comes with every beauty/ makeup addict huh ? haha – I justified my purchase simply because I do use eyeliner almost every day whenever I’m out because I like the way it defines my eyes and makes my lash line looks a lot bolder. 

This award-winning liner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease & feel of a gel formula. Long-wearing, water-resistant color glides on & let’s you get it just right before it dries – then stays without a smear or crease. 


Pretty standard packaging, being the clutz I am I’ve dropped it a couple times through rushing to get ready in the mornings and it’s still in perfect shape! Like with any other gel liner, you just have to remember to screw the cap on tightly so that air doesn’t seep in to dry out your gel liner 🙂


The gel is very smooth, pigmented and is creamy enough for the brush to glide without tugging on your eyelid throughout application. The colour is more intense than the drugstore dupe from Maybelline. It might look a little dry but I assure you its because I got slightly sun burnt on my hands and the skin on the area is just dry. 


To each their own, there are different way to apply your gel eyeliner depending on the brush you’ve selected. I’ve gone for a precise eye liner brush that I picked up from the drugstore years ago. Here i did a very standard line, no wing no nothing.

Before & After 

As you can see the pigmentation of the liner serves its purpose, even without mascara, my lash line doesn’t look as sparse and my eye looks slightly bolder.

Overall Thoughts

I wouldn’t say I have insanely oily eyelids but if it were on a scale of  1- 10 i’d place it at 3. Applying the product in the morning is done without hassle, and it stays in place. However over time I find that it does smear a little onto the top of my eyelid. The best way to go about it is by either applying a eye primer or setting your gel liner with a eyeshadow to set it in place.

Compared to other gel eyeliners, I’d have to say that this has definitely held up the best so far. As mentioned, I do like the pigmentation of this product and the way it looks once applied and I’ve got no problem with the application process at all.

Recommended For
Anyone starting out with eyeliner – Liquid liners can be tricky to deal with just because of its wet consistency but with the gel liner its easier to draft out your eyeliner.

Would I repurchase
I’ve used the Maybelline Gel liner which has been known as a dupe for the bobbi brown long- wear gel eyeliner and I feel that the bobbi brown liner is slightly more pigmented. The consistency is pretty much the same. I’d say I’d go back for the bobbi brown gel liner just because of the pigmentation and the fact that people have said that it’s lasted them for about a year and half!

Stockist: HK$210 at any bobbi brown counters

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10 

What’s your favourite eyeliner of the moment?
Much Love

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