1-Day Acuvue (Part Three): The Review

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After about a week, here I am back to talk about the contact lenses we received (Thank you Acuvue!). As you all know, it has been quite a process – with the one-to-one consultations and the eye examinations, all the way down to learning to put on and take out the contact lenses.

There was so much detail taken into consideration that I just felt so safe trying out the Acuvue Define lenses – especially with cheap ones roaming around the market, I needed to know that what I was putting in my eye was of good and trustworthy quality.

Now, I personally chose the Natural Shine ones (as you can see from this link here) because I didn’t want anything too black/harsh at first and Ash went with the brown ones in Vivid Style. If you read the previous post, I was trying on the Accent Style one because the Natural Shine ones ran out of stock. It turned out that the Accent Style did look very natural, and not at all as bold as I though it’d be; so if you’re considering something that doesn’t have color (as in no brown/green/yellow), go for it!

Anyway, enough talk – here I go.

The Packaging

These are dailies, so the packaging is pretty upfront. I’ve never NEVER used contacts before (I have an insane fear of putting things in my eyes) so I cannot tell whether this is different from others or it’s a basic concept, but I do think that the way it is packaged is super compact and very convenient for taking on the go! I’ve even placed one in my bag for emergency events or for days I look crappy and need a pick me up!


To use the contact lenses, just rip off the foil on the top, reach a CLEAN finger in, pick up the contact lens, and put it in your eye. That’s it! It’s been soaked in solution all this while, so it’s extremely hydrated and soft – no worries there at all. Simple is the way to go for this one.

For a more detailed step-by-step “tutorial”, you can see our previous post here.

Texture / Color

As mentioned, before trying out Acuvue, I was a total contact lens virgin. I never tried it before, though I did feel curious about the enhancing kinds, because some people just look amazing in it!

And since you’ve heard the phrase “no pain no gain”, I was very ready to take the plunge and try these babies out! In total, it took me about 5 minutes in total to put them both in, which is very very quick from what I’ve heard. Ash said it took her about 3 hours the first time, but I seemed to just “plop” it in!

I TEARED FOR UP TO 10 MINUTES the first few days I tried it out, I swear. My eyes felt like an alien had invaded and wanted to claim my face as home (which apparently is very common with first-time users?). After that though, everything was good! It slipped in comfortably to a point where I totally forgot I had lenses in. One of my friends commented that the lenses were so soft that it’s possible to forget to dispose of them after the day is done! It was a very new experience for me, but I think I adapted pretty well!

Color-wise, what can I say? I love it. Nothing too over-the-top, as I’m sure many of you have seen those types that scream “HI I AM GREEN/GREY/RED IN COLOR!!” before. Some of us get days where we look soooooo dull and our eyes lack any kind of sparkle; but do not fret, THIS is our escape plan and our rescue. In just a twinkle of an eye (or thereabout, lol), you’re transformed into someone who looks bright awake and ready to get going! The mixture of greenish-grey and yellow (though I suppose not too obvious in the photo) add a new dimension and gleam to my eyes that I just love.


So here’s the expected before/after photos.. or… as captioned.. the with/without contacts photos. As you can see, the one WITH the contacts shows just how bright my eyes are! They are sparkly to a certain extent even, and just look so awake. I also love how, despite me doing the typical girly thing of “opening” my eyes when I smile, my iris isn’t one full circle so my eyes look bigger without the try-hard factor!

In the WITHOUT contacts photo, my iris looks so tiny! My eyes seem rather lifeless and tired (as they do everyday)… sigh. It may not be such an obvious difference at first glance but, upon further scrutiny (especially) of the left eye, it will really become clear to you.

My Issues

Hereeee is the itty gritty part. I know many of you are tired of bloggers who get sponsored and say nothing but good things about what they receive. It is a natural transaction, no doubt; but I have to be true to myself and this blog, as I have always been, so I’m going to talk about some things a few of you might need to take note of.

These lenses only come in one size, no bigger no smaller – that is why the lens fitting is SO very important. The diameter is about 14.2mm and the curve is about an 8.5.

For my eyes, these lenses are considered rather tight. What this means is there is even lesser circulation than what should naturally occur, so my eyes would either hurt/ I would get a headache/ or my vision would become blurry quicker than others. That implies that my wearing time is lessened as well. Shermaine, who checked for the fit, told me that (especially with my glaucoma) I would only be able to wear the lenses for a maximum of 5-6 hours each day. Ashley, who had a perfect fit, could go with 10 hours no problem. This was a little bit of a bummer because I expected to wear them for an entire day, but could now only use them for events or short outings.

It’s not a big flaw and nothing to really complain about, but I guess it would still bother those who hoped to wear them to a full day of work but are unable to. 

Overall Thoughts

Despite what I’ve written earlier, I honestly think these lenses are worth a try. I am a first-time user and find no reason not to continue purchasing them! (Damn it, all that money flying away! Haha). 

I know there’s a stigma against many girls using these enhancing-type of contact lenses – my boyfriend being one of those with that sentiment. He insists that natural beauty is the best and that girls who are truly pretty do not need such things. BUT WHAT DO BOYS KNOW RIGHT? They always say such things but end up checking out girls who wear a truckload of makeup LOL -_-.

So I say, do what makes you feel and look best. I’m not asking you to go do crazy amounts of plastic surgery or whatever, but if something like just popping in some contact lenses can make you feel that much more attractive and confident, why not? It’s like how some of us slip on some pretty underwear to make us feel better through the day!

Big eyes are all the rage now, and I very truly feel this completes the look 100%. Even though, yes, I am not able to wear them out the whole day, I guess it’s still good to have something to “up the game” at special events and occasions, no? 😉

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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