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Hi lovebums,
Boy has time flown by. It’s already the end of september! I know, I know – I did not post an august favourites as I’ve been so caught up with work but nonetheless we’ve gathered a couple of our favourties for the month of September to Share with you guys! 
3CE waterful concealer in the shade 001 

I really like the consistency that the concealer has to offer, I’ve probably raved about it quite a bit over on my full blog post which you can check out by clicking the title above. Style Nanda’s makeup line, 3 concept eye has been getting a number of mixed reviews i.e. being too dry, flakey etc  – however I didn’t experience any of that with this particular product. The waterful concealer has a light coverage that ranges from light – medium depending on how much you use. 

I have enjoyed using this as a brightening concealer over top of my MAC studio finish concealer to add the extra lift. I wouldn’t personally advice using this alone if you have horrible dark circles like I do ,  but definitely one to have for touch-ups whilst you’re on the go because of the packaging. It works better if you blend it in with your fingertips as well.
Price/Stockist: StyleNanda outlets in Korea / HK will start carrying 3CE at their IT Store @silvercord TST starting October 5th! 
* I’m not too sure about the price because I did get it as a gift from my aunt. 

Victoria Secret body lotion in “Pure Daydream”

There are so many scents to the VS body lotions and its honestly hard to pick a favourite one, for the moment however this is my favourite. Its a very light yet sweet scent that isn’t overpowering nor musky. It’s exactly what the name suggests where the scent is faint enough to make it feel as though you’re in a sweet daydream. I normally apply my body lotions after a shower to let the scent soak in a little and I wake up the next morning with a lighter scent of the lotion. I’ve already made it a point to go get the body mist in this particular scent.
So if you’re like me and you’re usually overwhelmed at the selection at the VS store, I’d give this a whiff if you’re in the market for something that isn’t overpowering.
Price/Stockist: Victoria Secret stores ( 313, ION) HK$290 for 3 body products 

TopShop’s lipstick in “The damned”

I’ve done up a full review on this particular lipstick and its one of the products that have managed to live in my makeup pouch in my bag for solid 2-3 weeks. I usually change out the lipsticks that I keep in there every week or so and I just love the texture and amazing colour payoff that the lipstick has to offer. Feel free to click on the header to see the full review with colour swatches and before& after photographs!
These topshop lipsticks have been raved about amongst the beauty community and for the price, its definitely worth checking out! Winter is coming up and fall is already here, I do believe that calls for the start of bold lip colours no ;)?
Price/Stockist: TopShop stores HK$89.90 / SG$19.90

Ettusains eyeliner in #001 black 

I’ve filtered through a couple of liquid eyeliners from the drugstore and I do switch it up every once in awhile. For the month of August/ September however, I’ve been alternating between the Ettusains Liquid Eyeliner and my bobbi brown gel liner
This product has a brush tip applicator thats just right for getting that precise flick at the end of our cat eyes or winged liner. Its neither too filmsy nor too stiff and there’s a pretty decent consistency in terms of the intensity of the black. The great thing about this liner is that it doesn’t smudge at all, this coming from a person who doesn’t normally apply an eye lid primer – slight downside to it is that if you make a mistake, it doesn’t come off through rubbing but through using a Q-tip dipped in makeup solution. Removal of the liner in general however isn’t a problem, just soak up a cotton pad with your makeup remover solution and hold for a couple of seconds.

Price/Stockist: SaSa / Any beauty store ( i.e. in hk ; colour mix / angel beauty ) 

Nature’s Wonders Fruit & Nut Fusion

My snacking habit has gone off the charts lately, I’m getting hungry a lot faster than I should and so I’ve started to surround myself with healthy snacks around the house that will keep me full for a longer period of time. I’ve really been liking Natures Wonders fruits & nuts fusion because it has a balanced mixed of fruits and nuts that will entertain your taste buds with the fusion of flavours. 
If you are just jumping aboard the health train, this is a great way to start eating clean. I’m not a nutritionist of any sort, but training your taste buds to appreciate more natural tasting foods that do not contain added flavourings is one of the first steps to eating clean.  This particular packet comes with an assortment of cashews, almonds, raisins , chick peas , figs etc . What’s great is that they do have several other mixtures of nuts for you to choose from if this particular mixture does not suit your palette. 
Price/Stockist:  Giant / Cold storage S$6.80 ( for the bigger pack)
Okay guys! That sums up my TOP 5 favourite products for the month of September and part of end August as well 🙂 What were some of your favourite products that you had for the month of September? Share it with us in the comments and we just might give them a go!
Here’s to a great October !
Much Love,
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