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Wow this is a late LATE August Favorites post. I feel pretty disgraced.. Ash and I have been backed up with work (me more so because of my one week break to Melbourne), plus our crappy sleeping hours due to submissions just demotivate us to a whole new level. We truly apologize! We know we’re always blaming school, but really.. this year just sucks everything out of us, including money.

Anyway, here’s my five August Faves! Hope you enjoy reading! 🙂

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1) Orofluido Hair Elixir

I got this as my birthday present this year, and I must say it’s one of the best presents I received. To be fair though, besides the one my boyfriend got me, this is probably the only present I got. Others all just gave me money, lol (BUT NO COMPLAINTS THERE EITHER!).

Now, I say it’s one of the best presents received because it was just in time as my Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment has JUST about finished and I was contemplating trying a new hair oil out. Whilst the Macadamia Oil does do its job in terms of softness of hair and what not.. I kind of prefer this one. The formula is thinner, so less tacky naturally, and also seems to absorb faster! My hair feels lighter after I blow it out, and as to split ends.. WHAT SPLIT ENDS!? I really have come to love this Hair Elixir after using it for about 5 weeks!

If you’re ever a lazy turtle like me and like to forgo conditioner, this could do as replacement. The best part is.. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT AND WASH IT OUT!!! (Ash may kill me for writing this, but hey, lazy people do exist right!? *points finger at myself*).

Price/Stockist: (I’m not too sure about which SHOP you can get it at, but Qoo10 is selling it for about $40.80 online. Link here)

2) Kiehl’s Deep Cleansing Masque

I’m sure if you’ve been on the internet prowl for a good clay mask, this one has definitely come up. It’s known for its amazing detoxing qualities, as well as being able to dramatically improve the redness/size of pimples! I’ve been using this either as spot treatment (putting a thick layer on a few spots here and there) and as part of a bi-weekly/weekly cleansing ritual.

From what I see, it really WINS in the “stop and prevent” pimple department. I am prone to getting these comedones around my forehead, and just a layer of this every other night STOPS the formation and just beats those babies to the ground. The moment I feel something about to come up, I slap this on top and HEY PRESTO! Hasta la vista. The only thing to really be cautious about is how often you’re using it on the whole face because it CAN be quite drying, so you do have to take note.

An additional point for us cheapos: the amount of clay mask you get in that tub is stupendous. You can probably use it for a year and still have half left. Really really.

Price: SGD $35

Stockists: any Kiehl’s shop (mine’s from Plaza Singapura)

3) SKII Facial Treatment Mask

I first tried this out after purchasing a single sheet from DFS at $15.. It’s expensive ain’t it? I know. But I calculated that, at the original price of $122 (I think?) for 6 pieces, $15 for one was very alright. Moreover, I’m a total SKII convert thanks to the Facial Treatment Essence, so I had to give this a try. Thereafter, I moved on to a pack of 6 that was on discount and paid only $88 for it, WOO!

It is.. one word: Amazeballs. I use it whenever I’m tired or have had a bad day, and I get this amazing glow that lasts for dayssssssss; my skin would look supple, soft, and soooooo hydrated. I love how the fit is just nice as well. Despite it being SOAKED in essence, it never ever drips all over my face. It just stays there to let my skin absorb all the goodness.

I do not think I’ve ever loved any mask as much as this. The price is jaw-dropping but the pros outweigh the cons for me. My tiny tiny dark spots have lightened dramatically and my skin tone is fairer and more even. I can’t ask for more than that.

Price: (Originally) SGD $122 / (I bought it Discounted) SGD $88 for a box of 6

Stockists: SaSa, SKII counters, DFS, Luxola, Sunnanz

4) Revlon Kissables in Adore

I have the Revlon Kissables in Honey Dolce 01 already, but seeing this color on my cousin just made me feel I HAD TO HAVE IT. The color looks like a very dark dull red, but appears as a nice red flush on the lips. It isn’t overboard and does not have the overly vibrant look that the concept of red lips seem to carry.

It fades nicely, and the pink that’s leftover is gorgeous. I can’t vouch on it on myself because I don’t keep track too much of my lips (I normally just touch up after food or when I feel I’ve licked my lips a lot that day), but I saw that it lasted for AGES on my cousin – the color worked so well as a perk-me-up as well, and just made any tiredness on her face go away!

Am I exaggerating? Well maybe you’ve to try to find out! 😉

Price: SGD $18.90

Stockists: Guardian, Robinsons, Watsons, any departmental store

5) Koji Double Eyelid Tape

So here’s the deal – all of us want huge high eyelids don’t we? I’m no exception. My double eyelids are so hidden I can pass off as a single-eyelid – anddddd whilst I knew the obviously-there-don’t-try-to-hide-your-double-eyelid-sticker look can be fake and annoying.. I told myself that the results would make it all worth it. (AND IT IS!)

I originally wore it out in the daytime with my make up (which did disgruntle me quite a bit because I hated how it stuck out), so instead I started wearing it every chance I got at home. I would wear it the moment I came out of the shower till the next morning where I had to get ready to go out. And so far, after a few weeks (about 1-2?), it would stay the entire next day! I must mention though, when I started out, I used the double-sided kind that worked the same way as glue. But I switched to this, which is single-sided and has a much longer-lasting effect. 

P/S: Mine’s the “wider” tape which is green in color. I know the packaging I’m showing is blue, but it’s just to give you an idea of what the packaging looks like. The actual one is all green. The blue one, which I also got, is for the “finer” double eyelids. 🙂

Price: SGD $6.90

Stockists: Watsons

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We know we are supposed to have more posts now.. but we are really packed/tired. So I think we’ll just stop apologizing and say.. we will try to post as often as we can; but if we cannot, please understand. We try our best to put quality into our posts so the pictures are clear, the effects are honest and our reviews are as good as we try to make them.

As usual, leave your questions and
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