Review: YSL Rouge Volupté in Pink in Devotion


I’m back with yet another post on a wonderful YSL lip product! This is hardly a new lipstick in the market and bloggers like Temptalia have raved about them since 2008! They’re a cult favorite as well as a YSL bestseller, though nowhere as highly in demand as the Touche Eclat; nonetheless, this lipstick is worth every penny if you’re on the lookout for something that’s hydrating and lasts.

Background Information

An object of desire, this award-winning lipstick is wrapped in a romantic, elegant gold case that exudes luxury. Each signature shade saturates lips in captivating color that’s intensely pigmented, and imparts an irresistible glossy shine. The long-lasting, comforting formula is highlighted with a unique Color-shine Complex that leaves lips visibly smoother, plumper and more radiant. Light, silky texture smoothes on a veil of satiny, sensual color that’s altogether alluring.

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I think the packaging is a hit or miss kind of design. I’ve known girly girls to coo over it like a baby, but I’ve also known some other girls who think the design tries too hard in looking fancy and uppity. To each their own really, but I personally love it. It just looks classy to me, and I always feel good taking it out of my purse for touch ups. I don’t know, the way the gold mingles with that bit of pink gets me everytime.

As for “how-it-works”, it’s foolproof. If you’ve never used a lipstick before, well, it’s still foolproof. It works the way any lipstick works. Take the cap off, twist the bottom, and that’s it. I don’t suppose I’d prefer anything more complicated; I’ve always preferred products to get straight to the point anyhow.

Method of Application

Well, apply it the way you’d apply lipsticks I suppose? For myself, I normally apply lipsticks from “in to out” meaning that I start with the inside/middle of my lips and spread out. This helps prevent the lipstick from forming and “outlining” my lips too much.

Texture and Color (and Taste?)

The texture is creamy and the color is INTENSE. Breathtakingly intense. I used to wonder why people would buy high end lipsticks when Revlon creates such pretty colors at a way more affordable price point, but I no longer question that anymore.

If you want a taste of what luxury is, you’ve come to the right place. It goes on smoothly and easily to your lips. Dry lips? No issue! It’s creamy consistency more than makes up for it. Don’t even get me started on the color. One layer is normally enough; you could go with two or more if you’re going to an event and would like a very very bold lip.

The color feathers slightly through the day, but fades off pretty much evenly so you don’t get that weird lip-liner look after a few hours. Your whole lip remains colored, just that the shade will obviously lighten with time, eating, licking of lips, etc. For this color in particular, I appreciate how the pink turns more natural, though not too light till I look pale again.

I wouldn’t say the staying power is comparable to a lip stain, because I do think it would be good to touch up after meals (I retouch about 2-3 times a day). However, besides eating, the color pretty much stays put. A little goes a long way indeed. As for fragrance/taste, it has a slight mango(?) fruity aftertaste, or should I say during-taste because you only get a sense of how it smells like whilst you put it on; thereafter, not so much.

Overall Thoughts

This is ONE OF my favorite lipsticks of all time. It is a SUPERB lipstick. I love the look of it down to using it on my lips. I am sad to say that after this, I may never look at another drugstore lipstick again…. It’s just one of those products which you use and you know you won’t go back to where you came from. LOL okay that all just sounds extra dramatic but you get the idea.

Recommended For

  • People who like elegant lipstick tubes
  • People who like/use very long lasting lip colors
  • People with drier lips who need a creamier lip product
  • People who are just fans of YSL cosmetics, like me, lol.

Would I Repurchase

Yes I definitely would, but I’d be sure to try on the color this time. Whilst I really like the pink, I realize that it doesn’t really suit my skin color. It’s a bit too cool and can make me look like I’m trying too hard with the pink. It looks great when I tone it down, but that’s not what lipsticks are for right? They’re supposed to go on, and look good the moment they’re applied. Not when you’ve diluted the color and all.. so yeah.

But on the whole, the lipstick itself (color aside) is a great purchase. I do not have to touch up as often as I would for a Revlon lip product. I know many people swear by Revlon’s Ultimate Suede (so does Ashley, who’s written a review here), but as someone who has dry lips, I prefer this way better. If you face the same issues that I do, you’ll definitely appreciate this one! 😉

Overall Rating: 8/10

Price: I think it’s about $35

Stockists: Any YSL Counter (TANGS, Ion) and DFS Galleria/DFS Changi Airport

YSL now stands for 
(Too cheesy? Maybe! Lol)

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