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Ash and I have started thinking of expanding this to more than just a beauty blog. Of course, it is PRIMARILY a beauty blog, but we thought we’d like to inject snippets now and then of our lives outside of purely shopping and reviews! 🙂

I know many beauty bloggers are doing this now, so it’s not a big deal isn’t it? Plus sometimes it’s good to connect on another level with our readers! 

I went to Australia about a month ago, OMG time flies.. and I had some lasting memories. It was truly a good trip, and I felt it was so good to just be away from Singapore and forget all about school and work. My family, my boyfriend and I went with the intent to attend my sister-in-laws graduation, but a little leisure never hurt anyone, right? 😉

So just a heads up, this is a very image-heavy post, and you will see a lot of my baby niece. A lot of people have presumed she’s my daughter because my boyfriend and I are constantly shot in photos with her on my Instagram but she’s not lol. 

It was pretty cold when we went there, and was raining everyday without fail. That was pretty crappy because it made a lot of the things that we wanted to do very difficult. We didn’t get a car or anything, just went around on tram whilst in the city. Here above you’ll see Victoria’s Night Market which is unlike anything Singapore would ever have. 

It’s like having.. really good cafes open shops in the Pasar Malam (Singapore’s Night Market), as opposed to just small vendors selling the typical fat-inducing foods here. All the vendors had longgggg queues, and the shops selling small goods like necklaces and clothes were swamped! I think my boyfriend and I spent at least SGD $200 here. We ate almost everything lol.

We went back to the same Victoria Market the next morning, because apparently it is wet market in the day and party central at night! Weird huh!? It’s a total TOTAL transformation. Anyway, so much for it being called the “wet” market, it was completely dry and CLEAN! Even their toilets were cleaner than the ones we have in shopping malls here. WHAT!?

And the food.. oh my goodness. Fresh Oysters as huge as my palm were sold for no more than AUD $2 a piece. We had a dozen for only AUD $13.50!? Needless to say we did not stop at a dozen.. we ate up to about 40 LOL. It was too good to miss out. We also ate breads, cheeses, and had wine. It was so indulgent that I’m wondering why am I still in Singapore lol.

Here’s my niece, my boyfriend and I at my sister-in-law’s graduation. Isn’t my niece a cutie pie? She may look very docile and sweet but she’s farrrrrr from it. But she’s also not one of those little monsters you see nowadays – she’s pretty.. hmm.. how do I say it. She’s like a 14 year old in a 2 year old’s body. Her thinking and everything is all there, but she can’t really articulate her words. Plus I normally find ALL kids annoying (yes even those within family), but she’s a whole new level of cute.

Here you go, some proof, hahaha. Also what I appreciate about her is that she chooses reading books over watching shows on the iPad/iPhone anytime. She’s not one of those disgusting screaming kids at dinner tables demanding for some stupid show on their parent’s devices. -_-

We didn’t stay purely in the city though – we did rent some cars and drove out to the subarbs towards the end of our trip. We went to Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. 🙂 We tried out their old school trains (this one’s called the Puffing Billy) which ran on coal and got to feel like some characters off Harry Potter haha.

Here’s a family shot on the train without my brother and father! 

We also checked out this place called Moonlit Sanctuary. I hated it a lot because there were snakes EVERYWHERE. It was like being cooped in the Reptile House except they decided to display other animals as well. Of course, the snakes weren’t outdoors.. they were in the shed/cafe. How was I supposed to eat anything in the cafe with 10 snakes staring at me!? So I wandered out in the rain to go feed kangaroos. This one’s a little joey! We fed about 3 joeys in total, and one of them was FFFAAAAATTTT lol. My dad kept calling it chubbs.

We travelled up higher to a place called Mount Dandenong so we could take some pictures (the one with my niece drinking milk). The view was SPECTACULAR but the wind chill was completely not. So we all retreated down to a small town area to have lunch and mill around before checking in to our hotel. We stayed at the Best Western which was really pretty good for a motel! The beds were warm and the toilets were so clean! (I am super anal about toilet cleanliness)

Oh, and I bought my niece her little penguin hat in the Victoria Night Market hehe. She loved it so much she wore it everyday haha.

We went to Yarra Valley for the last two days to check out wineries and chocolate factories. It was pure bliss: all we did was drink wine and eat chocolate and ice cream….. I am now wondering how I did not gain more weight.

There was a small patch outside of the Chocolate Factory place where children could play, so my niece went crazy. It was funny because the ball itself was half her height and the paddle was taller than her.

And here we all are shopping on our last night! They made tiny trolleys for babies and toddlers! My niece LOVED it so much she demanded we put all our shopping in her tiny trolley. It later become too heavy to push, so we had to take about half the load out. 

It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve had in my life and I can only wish I was back there, especially with the sweltering sun greeting me good morning everyday now that I’m back………………………….

Well I hope you enjoyed this travelling post, and hopefully I’d have more soon! 🙂

See you guys soon! 
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