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This is a bit belated, both in terms of post as well as reaction – since we weren’t sure if we were allowed to proclaim it so early but WE GOT INVITED TO OUR VERY FIRST BENEFIT EVENT!!!! When we first got our email we just sat in our seats and screamed for about 5 minutes before calming down to read the whole thing through.

This event wasn’t only special in the sense that we finally got invited to an event with other local bloggers, but it was also that we got to meet the daughter/niece of the Benefit founders, Annie! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! It was like the stars aligned, and rainbows appeared and unicorns leapt from cloud to cloud. (Too much exaggeration? Not for us!)

But enough about our girly feelies and let’s jump straight in!


The event was held at The Loft in SEVIIN, the top most level of TANGS. The place looked splendid. It was larger than the previous workshop we attended at Sephora (read post here), with about 20 more chairs, but the decor was pretty similar – not complaining here, because any display with rows and rows of makeup has got us both sold.

There was also lots of food! Ash and I are total suckers for good snacks, and boy were we in luck. We feasted on Chicken Cranberry sandwiches, Quiches, and Pizza – which we washed down with some fruit punch heh *guilty foodie face*.

What We Did

Ash and I were ushered to our seat by a very pretty Benefit Babe (Ash kept trying to make me tell her she was pretty, but I did not because that bordered slightly on creepy). Thereafter, we were instructed to remove our makeup, so we did! And here’s our faces:

A lot of people have commented to us that we actually don’t look that different with/without makeup (without the obvious exception of looking less tired). I suppose that’s half good half bad, but who are we to say? What do you guys think? πŸ˜‰

We were also given some customer profile sheets labelled under BeneCelebrities (what an awesome name!) and lesson sheets to fill in along the way. The lesson sheet was SOOO useful because we were able to jot down everything we learnt and did – be it technique, product, shade, you name it. Plus, you could take away the sheet with you so you’d never forget which product you love, and can always return to Benefit to purchase it! πŸ™‚

The Stars of the Show

Here’s the stars of the show: Annie, who is one of Benefit’s Global Beauty Authorities (left) and Blogger Melissa Jane (right)! Annie showed us step-by-step methods and secrets to achieving that flawless look we all look for, whilst Melissa aided by being her beautiful model!

It was so interesting attending this workshop despite attending another previously because we learnt even more things! The tips and tricks were especially effective and Ash and I thoroughly enjoyed learning them.

If you want to know more about what we did and what products we used, just watch the video at the end of the post! Ash so wonderfully compiled everything so you guys could be in on the experience with us!

Many Thanks

We would like to thank Benefit for thinking of us, especially with us being such young new bloggers, and inviting us to such an amazing workshop. We would also like to thank Mei Ting for reaching out to us – it made us feel so special! πŸ™‚

Thank you Annie for being so patient and wonderful – she answered all our questions (despite us having so many!) and made us feel so welcome! She constantly complimented us and was more than willing to help us along the way.

Thank you to Bernadette, Vanessa, and all the other Benebabes who helped us with our eyebrows, blushers, etc. We had such an amazing time!

Also, it was so wonderful to meet you Melissa! We hope to meet you at more events! πŸ™‚


Here’s a short Vlog to give you guys an idea of what went on at the event, apologies that the clip may look a little dull due to the lightning but nonetheless we hope you enjoy it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Watch out for our next video
coming up REALLY SOON πŸ˜‰
Sam and Ash

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