Review: Benefit Ultra plush lip gloss in “Lolibop”

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We are FINALLY through with our assessments for the year!! Horraaayyyy!! Which means a more frequent feed of blog posts and of course, possibly give us the excuse for us to purchase new items to review as well! On to today’s post –  I’ll be reviewing the Ultra plush lip glosses from Benefit which I mentioned in our favourites video.

I have always been a little skeptical about lip glosses and had the impression that they were extremely sticky and that the colour payoff wouldn’t be as good as a lipstick or a lip pencil. The texture is not sticky and extremely moisturizing, the colour payoff is light but decent for a lip gloss. For all of you lovely lip junkie’s out there , this might just be another one to add to your collection!


“The plushness is poutrageous! Our soft & silky glosses glide on sooo smooth, drenching lips in luscious color that’s never sticky. From crystal clear to hot pink, the luxurious formulas give your lips a kissable, sexy sheen. ” – Benefit.  


The lip glosses are packaged in a really lovely box that is held together with a ribbon at the top and the lip gloss is packaged in a standard squeezy tube with a wide base so that it can stand on your makeup counter without having to fall over very easily. The product is lightweight and is of the perfect size to take to travel, I’ve yet to be in a situation where it explodes due to cabin pressure but will let you know otherwise!

Texture & Colour Payoff

I got my Ultra plush lip gloss in the shade “Lolibop” and as the name suggests, the product has a very hot-pink candy appeal to it.  I cannot begin to tell you how smooth this lip gloss is! It doesn’t feel sticky and it feels like you’ve got your favourite lip balm on but now with a little more colour and a lovely sheen to your lips.

 For those of you who are worried about lip glosses that are over the top glossy , don’t worry – this isn’t one of them. There is a a slight sweet scent to the lip glosses but nothing too overpowering.

The payoff is very opaque when first squeezed out and applied onto the lips, however fades into a very light wash of existing pink shade that it is in if worn on its own. I love this lip gloss, it’s like having a basic fashion item but for beauty.

 If i am going for the natural look, I’ll only apply a layer of this and I’m out the door. Should I have something special going on for the day or an event, I like to layer this over the top of my Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in smitten to give me the perfect pink lip that isn’t too bold.

Before and after

As far as re-application goes, I’d say after meals and on its own the colour only lasts about 1/4 of your day the most. However when layered on top of lipstick / lip stain, it lasts a little longer, the lip stick / stain that you already have on just gives the gloss something to adhear to.

The product on its own isn’t as long lasting as I had hoped it would be. For me the colour washes out 3 hours into the wear time, but I do enjoy re-applying the product to my lips because I feel that it acts as a lip balm as well to create kissable looking lips. Furthermore, I never sought out to look for a lip gloss that provides long lasting colour but more of one that makes my lips feel comfortable and silky smooth over the top of my lipstick.

Overall thoughts

All in all, I do really like it and  it’s probably one of the best lip glosses I have within my makeup collection . It’s been living in my purse ever since I got it and I don’t think its left my side since then. The shade is really versatile and I am even looking forward to rocking the shade over the top of my lipsticks over winter break when I’m back in Hong Kong.

You guys have to check this product out for yourself whenever you get the chance,  both Sam & I absolutely love not only the colour but the texture of it. Even if you’re starting out with makeup! This is a great product to have because it gives a light wash of colour over your lips without having to making it too cheap or tacky in which some lip glosses can have the tendency to do.

Recommended for
– People who are looking for a good moisturizing lip gloss that feels smooth with a tint

Would I repurchase:
Definitely! I love the way the gloss feels and to me, that’s the most important thing about a lip gloss – the texture. The tint is always a plus and so far, I’ve not found any other product that moisturizes my lip as smooth – I find that it’s also a lighter and silkier texture as compared to my holy grail lip balm the rosebud salve.

Overall rating : 8.5 / 10 

SGD$26  15.0ml
Benefit beauty counters (Sephora / TANGS )
You can check out the many shades avaliable here

Photo credits : benefit singapore (fb page)
Sephora singapore is having a really great christmas set right now! They have I believe 6 shades in mini tubes for the S$45! They will make the perfect stocking stuffer , christmas gift or even a little treat for yourself 😉

Will you be picking up one for yourself anytime soon?
Let us know if you do!

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