Review: Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush

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It feels wonderful to be back! Sorry about the delay! I am actually pretty shocked that our readers are still so loyal and understanding towards our hiatus sometimes, thank you a million guys. Really, it means so much when we see the numbers rising despite us being so busy with school! :’)

Anyway, as you guys know, TARTE COSMETICS IS IN SINGAPORE. LIKE WHAT!? I’ve been watching so many YouTubers talk and talk and talk about Tarte, especially about the Amazonian Clay Blushers! I was ABOUT to get one, but I thought – hey, I’ve got tons of powder blushers, why not try something new? And so, lo and behold, I got the cheek stain instead.


The packaging is sleek, simple, and easy to understand. It works by twisting off the cap, which I must say really adds to the security. I’ve had makeup with lids that just cap on, and halfway through being in your bag, you find that the lid has slipped off and makeup has either spilt all over or is sticking to something. Horrible.

So yes, the twist-cap is a thumbs up. Another genius invention, which makes this so compact, is that you can push the product out from the bottom when you find it starting to run out – something like those Push Pops we ate when we were young (except that I still eat them *cough*). It’s convenient and so foolproof. The size fits nicely into my palm, but is a little bulky so I do not take it out with me. I hardly find that I need to anyway because the color LASTS my loves, it lasts.

Color/ Texture / Smell

Here I have applied a light and heavy swatch in my hand. Above is just 1 swipe and below is about 3 swipes. The color I chose, Flush, is what it says. It’s like having a really healthy flush after a work out. The pink is not overwhelming and is just “right” as we say. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but the color is spot on to the name. If you have Benetint or the Body Shop’s Lip/Cheek Tint, this is a very very close contest.

I would say the texture feels a little gel-like, at least more so than creamy. Creamy blushers can be quite opaque and pigmented but this is not the case at all. I would say this is at 20% opacity and blends out to be even lighter, so feel free to build it up as much as you want. It smells slightly fruity, nothing that bothers me – the smell goes away eventually.

Method of Application

Here you will see me with just base make up. I tend to look a little pale because my lips are pale. At this point I have applied my Shiseido Sunblock on my face and YSL concealer for my undereye area. I’m just pointing out the area where I apply the blusher – the apples of my cheeks. This helps to accentuate my cheek bones! πŸ™‚ What I have on is about 3 swipes worth of the blusher.

I am blending it out with my fingers in an upwards motion – this ensures you do not pull your skin downwards or tug it because that will only accelerate sagging. Remember to PAT and NOT DRAG. Last of all, I apply a layer of loose/setting powder over my face to set the make up in. Easy, no!?

I believe some people will apply this with a brush or unto their fingers first for hygiene reasons, but since I just apply it onto bare skin (besides sunblock), I don’t feel the need to. It’s really up to you. πŸ™‚

Here is a before and after. The pink is more obvious here because I have not added on the powder yet! I love it both ways honestly, upping it up just makes for a bolder look or one for night parties and playing it down makes for days out shopping in town or even hanging at the beach!

Here is how it looks in sunlight. The glow is amazing right!? It doesn’t sit on the skin at all and looks like it’s part of your complexion. For those who’ve had that problem with their blushers, despite buffing it in with good brushes, you can try this! There are many other colors available that could suit your skin tone.Β 

Lasting Power

Literally the whole day. It does not budge at all besides when you’re trying to remove it – granted I do not sweat or whatsoever. I gauge this based on the majority of the time being in aircon. Plus my cheeks are dry so the color adheres better. I do not recommend this for those with oilier skin types because I feel it might just slip right off, which would just be a total waste of money. If you feel your skin tends to be on the oilier side, go for the powder blushers because I heard they are just as amazing!

Overall Thoughts

It’s been about a few days in but I am gonna come out and say this is my HG blush for Natural Makeup Days. All my powder blushers (despite how soft and blendable they are) still give it away that I am wearing something on my skin because some might have glitter specks or bits of gold. This one literally melts in so it just looks like I have radiant blushing skin! πŸ˜‰

I also foresee this lasting a long time, like my NARS Orgasm Blus which has not even made a slight dent… Not a bad thing, because at SGD$47 you want it to last as long as it can. Some of you might say, why not go for the Body Shop’s which is so much cheaper and my reply is that it does not even last HALF as long as this one does. Forget touch ups and bringing out the wand to reapply honestly. If you’re like me and rather not have to constantly check on your makeup (blusher in this case), this is your answer.

Recommended For

  • Drier skin types / Combi skin with dry cheeks
  • People who want long lasting blush colors
  • People who want that very natural flush
  • People who are fans of cream blushers in general

Would I Repurchase

If I ever ever run out, yes. Unless Tarte has created an updated version that is 10x better by then, the answer is a strong yes.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Stockist: Tarte Cosmetics at Sephora

Gotta Love Tarte! (β™₯) Sam

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