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Hey there babes,

I’m here to talk about something really really interesting today! *drum roll*

My eyebrows!!! Okay, I know that was quite lame… but eyebrows are truly important to a female’s visage. I know many of us discount the impact of having well groomed brows but I am here to tell you that you should not underestimate it!

If you want to know why, continue reading on about my sad eyebrow story lol.

P/S: This post is particularly long, so do feel free to skip some parts if you’d like.

My Eyebrows

My eyebrows were the bane of my existence for many years. Since I was 15, I had been looking for that perfect brow shape. I was born with a monobrow.. if you have no idea what that is, please refer to picture above.

I am not kidding. My eyebrows, when ungroomed (is this a word…?), were atrocious. They could even probably have passed off as caterpillars. I never really cared about them till I first had them waxed off and I went, “Hey.. that does make a difference!” As someone with small eyes, eyebrows have the ability to make or break you, and I did not realize that!

Sorry about the quality of the photo.. this was taken about 7 years ago lol.

Anywayyyy, I lived in China for about 4 years and during that time, many ladies felt the need to tweeze my eyebrows to death till they became about a thin straight line – which was, needless to say, rather horrific. Then, when I came back to Singapore, people refused to fix the mess because I had too little eyebrow hair left – *cue “what the hell!?” facial expression* See what happens when you overpluck!?!?!

Eventually, after many years of suffering, I had no choice but to retreat to the decision of eyebrow embroidery in 2011; since then, I had been a continuing customer at No. 1 Salon in Bishan. Until.. now.

Why Perfect Brow House Now

The hype about No. 1 Salon is not unfounded, I’ll give you that. My eyebrows were dyed naturally and always looked in tip top shape even when I forgot to pluck them for a few weeks. Also, it ensured that, no matter how badly I tweezed, a general shape/outline would always remain! It was great.

But recently, I’ve gotten quite sick of the hype. I’ve gotten sick of planning 4 months in advance to get a date and sick of waiting 2 hours even after making a fixed appointment time. As someone who is constantly rushing to get things done.. it was just not worth the wait. Plus, my eyebrows seemed to fade every 4 months, and doing such constant touch ups just seemed like such a pain in my butt.

After expressing this concern to my friend, Chups, she mentioned how Perfect Brow House might be the answer to my problems! Little to no waiting time, and it’s always easy to get an appointment! PLUS PLUS, you can forget trying to call 1000x to no avail – just whatsapp the shop owner and get the ball rolling! Isn’t that amazing?

Though Chups turned out with eyebrows perfect enough to win me over, she still showed me another blogger who did her brows at the same place (link here) and just like that – I knew I had to book a date as well!

Perfect Brow House

Now, what is Perfect Brow House you ask?

Well.. it is what the name says, you go there to get perfect brows haha. Kelly, the owner, has been in this line for 10 years – talk about mastery! She does all the eyebrows herself and is a true perfectionist in what she does. She never rushes through any of her clients, but takes the time to slowly examine their brows, face shapes, and features so that the eyebrows compliment everything.

She doesn’t have a room of people waiting for her either, which lessens the pressure on her to get things done ASAP. She is very gentle and patient – which is what all of us want when we are trying to get beauty services done right? Right!

The Location

Kelly’s shop is humble in size, but she makes up for it with beautiful decoration and cosy atmosphere. Just like her, the shop is feminine and pretty in pink. She has 2 recliners inside, a large wall mirror, a small chandelier and a few seats here and there for waiting customers.

She has another room inside, though I did not enter it. I suppose it’s only used when the shop has more customers than anticipated. Most of all, I like how there are some purplish “streamers” draped across the entrance of the shops which lessens the gawking of passerbys as you are getting your brows done.

The Services

Kelly does a whole range of beauty services, from eyebrow shaping, to eyebrow embroidery, 3D/4D eyebrow embroidery and mole removal. These are actually quite standard for most beauty salons within heartland areas, but Kelly’s is renowned for her excellent eyebrow shaping and embroidery skills – more specifically, 3D eyebrow embroidery.

The prices for her services can be seen in the above. For any other questions, please feel free to SMS/Whatsapp/Call Kelly at her number (stated below).

3D Eyebrow Embroidery

Credits to: Perfect Brow House Facebook

What is 3D eyebrow embroidery you might ask? Well it’s quite similar to eyebrow embroidery in the aspect that it “fills up” your eyebrows. Embroidery is an option for those who have sparse/overly plucked/no eyebrows to create that perfect “full” eyebrow.

Eyebrow embroidery is not to be confused with tattooing. Tattoos can last for life and very often have that blue-green tinge. They are also overly dark and intimidating because of how harsh their color is intially. Embroidery, on the other hand, can only last up to a couple of years at most. The color,which resembles a dark to medium brown,is also lighter and more natural. The color fades with time as the epidermis (outmost layer of skin) sheds off as we age.

3D embroidery is pretty much the same process, except that it fills in the brows with hairlike strokes rather than “coloring in”. This gives the illusion of full brows because, even up close, it still looks like one’s actual hair rather than a patch of color! It is also much more longer lasting and is less likely to look patchy. Due to this, the price is naturally much more expensive than embroidery alone.

Eyebrow “Removal”

Unfortunately for meeee, I could not get my eyebrows done on the day I went itself. 🙁 My previous eyebrow embroidery was still relatively dark and Kelly mentioned that it would overpower the color of the hair strokes. So.. off I went to get my eyebrows “removed”.

Kelly first applied the numbing cream on my brows and then placed some saran/cling wrap on them after. Then she proceeded to start the laser which she would use to remove the color. After about 30-45 minutes (which may seem long but I whiled the time away on my phone), she put some cotton pads and goggles over my eyes and removed the saran/cling wrap!

Because the goggles were pretty much opaque I’m not sure what was going on exactly, but I did see flashes of light whilst she was working on my brows. It was a weird sensation, like tiny elves snapping rubber bands against my skin – and I could smell burning so I am going to assume that was my eyebrow hair hahaha. On the whole though, really quite painless. If I had to rate the pain, I’d say a 1.5/10. Yes that’s how little it was.

Recovery Process

Kelly provided me with some ointment right after the procedure (talk about service!) – one for healing and one to act like a lubricant so I could still draw my brows in when I had to go out! (Well I still had work and could not go out with red eyebrows afterall right?) She even provided me with an eyebrow crayon in case mine could not apply on as well as hers did! How kind! I really appreciated how thoughtful she was. :’)

So this is what I looked like on Day 1 after the process. Rather scary. Some hair got burnt out and some turned white from the laser, lol. I’m not going to lie, I did look quite horrendous… Plus it did not help that one of the ointments made my eyebrow hair super stiff and the other one made it super oily (though it did make it easier to draw my eyebrows in)…

I continued to look pretty much the same the next few days, except that the red started to lessen very gradually. Here is a link to one of my posts written on Day 3, where you can pretty much see how much redness is left despite drawing over. I didn’t want to exacerbate the sensitivity of my skin nor irritate it so I drew as lightly as possible.

This is what I look like on Day 11, about a good one and a half weeks after. My brows are extremely unkempt because I did not dare groom them whilst they were still sensitive.. Looks like it’s about time though lol.

I stopped the ointment after 7 days and just continued to draw my brows in whenever. I have another 9 days to go (till the 29th December) before my embroidery and I cannot wait because I have to admit that drawing in my brows every morning feels like a serious inconvenience after 2 years of having to do nothing at all………………

For those who are looking to do a new type of embroidery over their existing ones, you CAN opt out of this removal process but your new result just wouldn’t look as good. I admit I’m a little frustrated with the lasered-off white hair remaining and how weird I look without drawn-in brows, but it’s just temporary till the next session. Suffer first and enjoy later! 🙂

Overall Thoughts

I cannot speak for the embroidery service just yet but I can talk about Kelly, the owner. She’s such a sweet person. Truly. She makes such an effort for her job that I just admire her for. She goes the extra mile. I loved how she apologized for any waiting time she caused me, and how she does Whatsapp me in English to the best of her abilities even though she’s largely Mandarin speaking.

Another thing that won me over is how she treats her customers. I know some of you might think she’s just being nice to me because I’m doing an advertorial for her but I’m going to give you one example that truly impressed me whilst I was there.

Above is a picture of a woman with 2 bags of ice on top of her eyes because she had just done her eyeliner tattoo and her eyes were very swollen – though they were definitely not worse than mine when I had my eyeliner tattoo done awhile ago. Nonetheless, Kelly asked her staff to go out and get ice specially for this lady, who then proceeded to have about a 45 minute to 1 hour nap there. I have not seen much meticulous service nor such kind effort in many beauty salons. I knew then that I felt very safe in Kelly’s hands and that she would definitely do what’s best for me.

I’m sorry for such a long post, but I felt that this deserved a post as clear as and detailed as possible. I will write another post once my eyebrow embroidery is done! 🙂

Contact Kelly

You can contact Kelly either by calling her or simply SMS-ing/Whatsapping her on this number 9125 2256.


Perfect Brow House is located in Toa Payoh Central, Block 183 #01-274, Singapore 310183.

You can simply take the MRT lift up, walk towards NTUC Fair Price, head towards a row of shops on the right and you will see a traffic light. Cross the road towards the shophouses below the housing block and walk right in. It’s hard to miss the store when it’s bright pink! 🙂

I cannot wait for the 29th!
Fingers crossed xx

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