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Here’s another event I attended recently, just last week to be exact, and I was kindly invited by Linda and Too Cool for School Singapore! 🙂 It was so exciting because they had just launched some new products/ranges and wanted us to come see it for ourselves! Some were also just in time for Christmas, my favorite time of the year (!!!!), for the glitzy parties and snazzy dinners.

I had always heard great things about Too Cool for School, especially their lip products, one of which I own and love! So it was truly an honor to go down and get a walk-and-talk through each of their signature lines and items!

Before I go into the day itself, let me share more about Too Cool for School.

P/S: Sorry about the yellowness or uneven colors of the photos, the lighting there was quite orange and it’s been quite difficult to “blue” it out on Photoshop! Apologies in advance.

Background Information

Too Cool for School originated from Korea and was introduced in 2009 as a division of TODACOSA. It started with the concept of reflecting the originality, experimentation, artistic sensibilities and the rebellious spirits of the youth. They wanted to create a cosmetic brand that allowed women to feel young and creative regardless of their age. 

The brand took off very well; it established itself quickly and opened shops internationally in places such as Hong Kong and Thailand. Now, it’s opened its doors to Singapore so that we may enjoy the quirkiness and free-spirited nature that Too Cool for School has to offer!

The Location

Too Cool for School is located in Far East Plaza #03-53. It is extremely accessible and super eye catching! The shop is decorated in the most whimsical manner that allows anyone who steps in to feel like they’ve been transported somewhere else.

I’m not being cliche here, because that’s how I felt. The whole atmosphere was akin to being in one of those places in an amusement park, whereby you walk through an area with all these gadgets and lightings whilst waiting for your turn on the ride. It was really a refreshing concept!

This festive season, they’ve taken the liberty to add to the celebratory spirit with Christmas goodies and beautiful presents, gift packs and tinsel!

I also loved how the shop was “full to the brim” with products – it just felt like there was so much to see and so much to test and touch whichever way I turned. The sales assistants were also so ready to help out whenever I had questions or needed assistance in using a product. You seldom get that anymore and I really appreciated it.

The Products

As mentioned above, there is just SO much to see and take in, and I was not able to capture every moment of everything. However, I did break down the categories below of what I found most interesting, what I thought was most impressive, along with some gift ideas I thought would be really great for Christmas giving! 😉

– – 

Most Interesting Products

Eye Make-up Pencil Eraser

One particular product that caught my attention was the Eye Make-up Pencil Eraser. It was so interesting it blew me away! At one end, it was a waxy kind of crayon that would enable you to clean off your makeup (presumably most of us would use it for our eye makeup such as eyeshadow and eyeliner) in a swift, clean, and precise manner! It was so different from other makeup-removal products, and I liked how neat the whole result could be.

As you can see above, these are the wax tip and the sponge tip. You use the waxy part to clean off the makeup (I think it’s by “oiling” it up) and then you use the sponge tip to clean up the edges. See what I mean below.

Isn’t it pretty darn amazing!? If you constantly get the issue of smudged makeup – this would be the answer to your prayers. When it was first shown to me I literally was gobstopped. I just stood there with my mouth open going, “Nooooo, do that again!!!” And then I did it myself hahaha. Curiosity does not always kill the cat, especially in this case!

Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara

Now, here’s another winner in my book. I’ve seen my range of mascaras in my lifetime – be it unclumpable (if there’s such a word),vibrating, round, sharp, what have you; but none have ever made me go, “wow this is really different!”

Enter the Escalator Mascara. Length and volume all jam packed in one hella adorable packaging. The dinosaurs are probably as cute as it gets, but what’s really different is the mascara wand! 

At first sight, it’s just your regular mascara, but there is this knob at the bottom which you are able to rotate/turn and miraculously turn your short stubby mascara into one that’s longer and sharper (okay all this sounds kind of wrong but go along with it, lol). Basically when it’s shorter, it adds volume to your lashes, and when it’s longer it adds length! You can reach better into the corner of your eyes and it will help separate your lashes better as well! 🙂

I like how there’s an option to use both at the same time, or use each individually depending on what you’re looking for! 

O2 Bubble Cleansing Pack

Last of all the interesting items, but definitely not least, is this O2 Bubble Cleansing Pack. It’s meant to exfoliate and cleanse the skin so it will be left baby smooth and blemish free! 

Why I find it so interesting is because it comes out like a gel/liquid formula with absolutely no color at all but begins to foam up the moment you put it on your face! And no, I’m not talking about normal lathering as with most cleansers, I’m talking about foaming with bubbles! It reminded me of those kinds you get when you run a bubble bath. And anyway, this isn’t meant to be a cleanser but a MASK so the fact that you simply put it on and it foams is really a new concept!

Can you see the tiny bubbles!? I put my camera on macro mode for this haha. So anyway, the reason for the bubbles is apparently oxygen therapy which infuses oxygen into your skin so it will also be clearer and brighter! This also contains various plant ingredients that help hydrate your skin so that your skin remains moisturized after cleansing. Say goodbye to that tight feeling after washing your face!

– – 

Most Impressive Products

Glam Rock Extreme Color Eyes

As many of my friends know me by now, I am a huge eyeliner girl. I have to have to have to use eyeliner everyday. Otherwise, I look really sleepy because my eyelids are hidden and somehow always look a little droopy *sigh*. 

Now, I have really oily eyelids and nothing really works on them. I have tried pencil eyeliners to gels to liquids, and I must say only a rare few work out. Right now I’m using The Face Shop’s eyeliner, which I mentioned in one of my Favorites post awhile back. I did try out MAC’s and Laniege’s ones before but they were a little too expensive to upkeep – they were each about $30 and I finished them within 1-2 months…. so.. yeah. Anyway!

This one comes in a variety of colors. From top to bottom: maroon, khaki, dark grey, brownish gold, and electric blue. Do ignore the glitter, that was from a previous product I used that had glitter. The eyeliners are at most metallic but are not glittery.

As you’ve heard before, do not judge a book by it’s cover; I know it looks like your typical liquid eyeliner – no big deal at all. But let me tell you, it does not budge. It does not budge with any kind of rubbing or scratching whatsoever. Yes, WHATSOEVER. IT DOES NOT BUDGEEEEE. I am for real. It did not come off till I used an oil based remover to get it off.

If you’re looking for an eyeliner to party with and have a crazy night out, this is yours. Drink as much as you want (of course, responsibly) and dance all night long; you will go home looking like you just came out. Awesome awesome stuff.

Play Cheek Angel Blush

Girls, here is where you will want to listen up. I’ve heard of a few good dupes for NARS’ Orgasm Blush, and this might just be one of them! First of all, love the packaging. It is cute and so compact! It kinds reminds me of an old Ettusais Blusher I once used to own.

The top is the blusher, the bottom is the puff and it all closes together in one swift move. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the girls on the packaging are so uber cute! To round it all off, there is a cute ribbon at the top, and you know what I’m thinking? CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS! As in… use the ribbon (or tie a longer ribbon on it if you wish) so you can hang it on your tree! How cute would that be!?

VERY is the answer, lol.

Okay my rubbish aside, the color I am talking about would be Blossom Lavendar, which has apparently even been compared to Chanel and MAC (Full of Blush) blushes.. HMMMM. In that case, just get this one already. Cheaper, and not too far off in results! Worth the money? Definitely.

– – 

Christmas Gift Ideas

Rules of Body – Body Cleanser

This body cleanser is simple but so clever! I can only imagine lining them up along your tree and passing these lovely smelling gifts to your loved ones! The decorations are so apt and the colors are so bright and cheery! Red is not your only option, there’s green and yellow as well!

Marshmallow Puff

The Marshmallow Puff, what a cute name! It looks almost exactly like the lightbulb sponge from Shu Uemura but is way economical! And who said it doesn’t perform as well!? I tried it out with one of the BB Creams and it just blended that baby out like a beaut. This can give my Beauty Blender a run for its money! It’s so dense and luscious, I am sure it’d be a treat putting it on your face! 😉

Dino Platz Magic Wand

This is another makeup remover wand, which can also be used in replacement of the Make-up Eraser above! This one is part of the Dino Platz collection – which can I say is so cute!? I’ve used the word cute probably 10x already, but that is just synonymous with the whole brand! I cannot find a better word.

These Q-tips/cotton buds allow for easy reaching and cleaning of any smudged makeup, and the convenient packaging makes it easy to bring out on the go! Pack it up in a stocking with a few other beauty products to hand out to your best girlfriends!

Thank You!

Thank you Too Cool for School for extending your invitation to me, for being so warm and gracious, and for being generous with macarons and samples. It was a lovely event and I can only hope to attend another one again soon! xx

Thank you Linda for bringing me along, I really had tons of fun! 🙂

If you’re Too Cool for School,
here’s the place for you!
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