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Hi Lovelies!

There are so many blog shops in the market today and It’s hard to know where to start! With Christmas right around the corner, some of us might not be up for joining the crowds that fill up our go-to retail stores and so today we’re going to be introducing to you one of our favourite blogshops, Foundry & Co that was started up by one of Sam’s good friends, Lydia!

If you follow any of our instagram accounts, Sam’s , our SamanthAshley_ account or my instagram, you would have probably seen a couple post where we’re spotted wearing some of their apparel / accessories! 😉 

Foundry and Co

Foundry & Co was founded in early 2013 by 2 good friends, Lydia & Yoko, in hopes that the great ideals of fashion would be translated through our specially curated items, to provide chic and unique womenswear and accessory pieces. At Foundry & Co, we believe that dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean it should burn a huge hole in your pocket, but rather, we believe that having affordable and good quality items with a variety of choice, will yield a special find for each of our customer.

What they Offer

First off,  their site is super simply to navigate off of, you’ve got the bauble bar section as well as the apparel section. What I like is that not everything on the site is permanent, only a couple are due to being on backorder, but still! running into someone in the same outfit will be less likely 😉 Here’s a quick look of what they have on their site!


Pullovers, dresses, rompers, tops, skirts, dresses shorts, you name it, they bound to have it and what’s great is that they’re all set a decent price. What’s great about Foundry & Co is that there is always a new style that’s being brought in through a new batch, so there’s always something in stock that floats your boat.

Bauble Bar

From black, white & gold to a bright pop of neon, their bauble bar caters to almost any function that you’re looking to wear your accessories to.

Our Picks

Nautical Striped Dress
Price: SG$28

This is the perfectly dress to have in your wardrobe for those hot days in Singapore where you want to look nice and at the same time stay cool and weather appropriate! I also like that there’s a tie that goes around the waist to give the garment some shape once its being worn as it is free-sized!

Striped Top in Black
Price: SG$22
Everyone needs a basic striped tee! What better way to add more colour in your wardrobe that with a pop of yellow at the same time?  This also comes in Red, Blue stripes in long sleeve as well.

Bauble bar
Apart from apparel, they’ve got some beautiful accessories available on their site, amongst the many that they have to offer, here are some pieces that we either own or have caught our eye on the site!

Left to Right
Psssst** click on the name of the item below to re-direct onto their site 😉

Xana Gem Encrusted Necklace
Price: SG$28.50

Sam owns this lovely piece and I adore the black ribbon that holds the gold necklace together. The bits of emerald and the gold is truly a beautiful combination and would spice up any plain top that you’ve got!

Atropos triangle Earrings with Black Base 
Price: SG$16.00

I like earrings that aren’t heavy and are super sleek at the same time. These pair of Earrings are great for a night out or a special occasion for the holidays! If you’re wearing your hair down and want a greater contrast in colour, they offer different coloured bases in mirror, gold and white.

Knot Ring (Gold)
Price: SG$8

These rings remind me very much of the Tiffany infinity rings, in which they do have an inspired version here. I feel that the single knot gives the perfect subtle girly touch to any outfit.

We are officially 9 days away from christmas! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Foundry & Co to shop your hearts out and do check out their fb page  & Instagram to keep up with their latest launches and flea updates!

Oh yes, and simply Quote “SAMASH” for $2 off any item of your choice! 🙂 

Keep your eyes peeled on the 18th! 
We’ve got Something special in store for you.
Sam & Ash

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