Monthly: Ashley’s December Favourites

Hi lovelies,

Wowiee did December go by really quick, it felt like it wasn’t too long ago that I arrived in HK. This month I’ve been revisiting a couple of previous favourites that have been featured on our blog. Through the month of December, I’ve purchased a couple other beauty products but am still testing them out before they deem a spot in a favourites post. This month my keep focus has been hydration. As mentioned and seen in my post here , my skin reacted pretty quickly to the cold weather. So with that in mind, here are my december favourites!

My beauty Scheming Sheet Masks

Starting off with a familiar beauty product, this has made an appearance in my previous favourites here. These masks are the perfect fix to give my skin that extra boost in hydration / brightening factor overnight. The Top 3 masks that I’ve been rotating for the entire month, The Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask, Q10 Collagen Firming Mask and Camellia Japonica Hydrating Mask.

I’ve grown to like my beauty scheming masks also because it doesn’t cause any irritations on my skin, and it takes about 30 mins to be about 90% soaked up (for my case).  I use about two sheet masks per week within my pampering sessions and I always wake up with supple and hydrated skin the next morning. They’re also incredibly affordable and there’s bound to be one to suit your needs. They’ve even got a herbal sheet masks that’s targeted towards acne prone skin.

Stockist – Colourmix / Sasa
Price – HK$80 for 2 boxes

Springfields Rosehip Oil

Half way through the year, I discovered that my skin was actually more dry- normal, and hence I’ve been bumping up the hydration aspect of my skincare routine with various products.  I absolutely love using Rosehip oil on my skin, it’s definitely become my holy-grail winter skincare product to prevent my skin from flaking and drying out through the cool winter weather. 

I love the fact that it absorbs into your skin really quickly, leaving your skin feeling smooth. There’s nothing better than having glowy, hydrated skin, it also makes makeup application a lot easier knowing that you’ve got a smooth canvas to work with! 

 I’ve done an information post regarding the wonders that Rosehip oil does for your skin and included a before and after photograph of my skin condition after 1 month of introducing rosehip oil into my routine – all of which you can check out here 

Stockist: Springfields 
Price: I’m not sure as my mum got it awhile back. 

MAC eyeshadow quad 

One of the key reasons I’ve previously held back from buying any of the naked palettes from Urban Decay despite how pretty they all look, is mainly because of my trusty Mac Eyeshadow quad that I put together myself. When I first started off with makeup, I started to collect individual MAC eyeshadows and I started with a bunch of neutrals. Meet, Dazzlelight, Tempting, Satin Taupe and Sable. My 4 staple neutrals that I take with me when I travel. 

The pigmentation of the shadows are pretty decent, I enjoy using Dazzlelight as a highlight for my inner corners and my brow bone, Tempting as a lid colour and Satin Taupe / Sable in the crease. I don’t wear eyeshadows very often but have become slightly more accustomed to wearing them here in HK. I’ve been wearing this eyehadow look if I’ve got a dinner/ lunch date or even just taking Satin taupe and running that through my crease bring some colour and definition to my eyelids. 

Stockist – Any MAC counters Singapore / Hong Kong
Price – HK$140    /  SG$ 26  (individual pans)

Clarisonic Aria

I got this exactly 1 year ago, and I’ve started to use this about 2 -3 times a week, before I put on a face mask just to make sure I buff away the dead skin cells to ensure that the essence within my mask absorbs right in. It’s definitely a plus to have this to give your skin a deeper cleanse on days where you feel sluggish and your skin isn’t looking its best.

The Aria has 3 speeds so you can switch up the speed in regards to the area you are cleansing. Personally I like to use the Universal (Medium) speed for my T-zone , especially the areas around my nose that dirt and dead skin cells tend to build up on and the Delicate (Lowest) speed for my cheeks.

Stockist – Sephora / Lane crawford  
Price – US$199 * SG & HK price to be confirmed asap.

H&M house boots/slippers 

Clearly I’ve been obsessed with these boots, I’ve been wearing them religiously around the house to keep my feet warm to the point where they look really beat up.  They’ve replaced my need to buy more fuzzy socks which was a hot favourite for me last christmas. It’s lined with faux fur , and is the most comfortable pair of house slippers I’ve ever owned. Of course when I first got them, they were a lot fluffier which made walking around the house super comfy.

These are sadly the sort of thing that you’d wear and throw out after a season as the pair I own is starting to come apart on the side.  Nonetheless, it’s made its way into my favourites after having worn them every single day of the month of December. 

Stockist – H&M stores Singapore / Hong Kong
Price – HK$149  

That’s all loves! These have been my favourites for the entire month, I hope you had a lovely christmas with your families!

Here’s to an amazing 2014!

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