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Oh my, it’s the end of December already! Or rather, the end of 2013! Time has flown by indeed – this is how you can tell you’re old haha. I also know by the fact that I’ve got some crows feet edging in sneakily by the side of my eyes…. People call it happy lines but it makes me plain unhappy lol.

For a Snake experiencing the Snake Year, I must say it wasn’t that bad (you know, what with the superstition that zodiacs corresponding with their respective years never bode well) . The ending of it was rather terrible, I’ll admit, but I get over things rather quickly. I probably have a lot of resolutions to do…and not keep to…. Okay okay, enough of my (old old old) grumpy bitterness, let’s roll into my favorites!

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Foundry and Co’s Alecto Crystal Sapphire Necklace

I seldom put a non makeup/skincare item into my favorites list, but I’m going to do an exception this time because I AM IN LOVE with this necklace. A good friend of mine, Lydia, who is the co-founder of Foundry and Co gave this to me as my Christmas present and I have not been able to look at any other necklace the same way. Nothing even comes close to how pretty this is!

It glams up even the simplest outfits and makes the most minimalistic dress look outstanding! My boyfriend seldom notices my jewelry but he could not deny that this was worth all my cooing. The colors match clothes easily and the black ribbon plays down any “Over The Top” factor it might have.

This necklace isn’t out for sale yet I think, but do follow their Instagram/Facebook for updates so as to secure this piece because I just know it’ll be sold out ASAP.

Price: Unsure as this was a gift

Stockist: FoundryandCo.com

Chanel Blush in Accent

If you have already read my post here, you’ll know why this is one of my favorites! I love the sunkissed glow and subtle contouring it offers without going over the top! The added glitter/sparkle is also just right, which makes the whole look more feminine rather than Jersey Shore.

Plus it’s super blendable and buildable all at the same time! If you find you’ve applied too much, a light dabbing away does the trick instantly! I wore it out for an entire day and found that it lasted all the way through! It’s beauty, lasting power and easiness of use just makes it a winner in my books.

Price: SGD $67

Stockists: Chanel counters in Robinsons, TANGS and DFS

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW25

Long-time readers of this blog should know by now that I am a concealer addict, so it should be no surprise that I got myself yet another one. It’s weird because I got the Pro Longwear Concealer in NW25 and it was SOOO orange but this one seems about just right. EH? So confusing honestly.

I find that both cover pretty decently and offer a really nice smooth finish (though admittedly the Pro Longwear finish is nicer) but the color range still makes the Mineralize Concealer a better choice. I sometimes use it on its own and sometimes above my Dior Skinflash, and I’m always always satisfied with the outcome!

Price: SGD $34 (I think?)

Stockists: MAC Counters in Robinsons, TANGS and Sephora

Lush Dream Cream

My dearest cousin got me this from Brisbane when I told her about my constant struggle with eczema. It’s quite ridiculous because I only have it on my right calf (not that I want it to spread further) and it just doesn’t seem to go away at all!!! *Pulls hair out*

Whilst this does not, in itself, cure my issue, it does work well enough to stop me from scratching uncontrollably in the night! The cream itself is lightweight and absorbs easily, so my legs just feel incredibly smooth but never sticky! I wake up with softer skin and the dark patches that remained from previous scarring have slowly but surely started to fade! I can now slowly wean off steroid creams as well, so I’m very contented! 🙂 Lush products normally live up to their name so I feel extremely safe in their hands.

Price: SGD $41/240g

Stockists: Lush at Wisma Atria

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I purchased this due to my current predicament of extremely dry skin which occurred due to some skin allergy! I was very sad because one moment I had really amazing bouncy skin, and the next moment my face turned into the Sahara Desert! It was so saddening when I had Sales Assistants (unnecessarily) going, “Wah your face is very dry!” -_______-

So yupp, there was this great deal going on for Origins where you could get 3 masks (Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, Drink Up 10 Minute Mask and Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask) for $75! It was originally valued at about $113 so I just took the plunge and purchased the whole lot!

In just 3 short nights of using it (yes I spammed it for 3 days straight at first), my dry skin is no longer parched and I no longer feel like my face is going to crack apart whenever I smile! Ashley could even see the difference the very next day when I did a screenshot and sent it to her! I’ve just skipped about 2 days so as to not be dependent and nothing has changed at all – my skin still remains moisturized til now! Yay!

I always wondered why this mask was so highly raved about, but I no longer question that.

Price: SGD $75 for 3 Masks.. so about $25 each for 75ml

Stockists: Origins Counters at Robinsons City Hall, Centrepoint

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Happy Holidays Everyone,
and have a Happy New Year!

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