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Hey there,

the end of November is finally here. It’s so scary. I remember how, in February, Ash and I were just telling each other how great it would be to start a beauty blog together. Next thing you know, BOOM, we’re here. We’ve already attended our first few events, we’ve had sponsorships, and we’ve met really nice people! 🙂

I’m not the best Catholic, but I raise all this praise to God. It’s been a roller coaster ride of a year, but I’m glad I’m here! So without further ado, let’s get into my 5 favorites!

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Dior Nude Rose Powder

I was on the prowl for a good loose powder after I finished my Sisley compact, and this was one of the recommendations! After trying it out at Sephora, I knew I was sold and had to get it.

The powder is so fine, I feel like I am wearing nothing at all. You know how wonderful that feels right? It just looks and IS luxurious, which is so rare nowadays. Some products look good but perform badly, and this is not the case for Dior’s powder at all. It creates such a subtle radiance though it is glittery (you will not notice the glitter once you put it on) and your whole face lights up. Your tiredness is wiped away in an instant! 

The oil control is also pretty good, and can last me a whole day! This is perfect for people who want to use a powder to even out skin tone but do not need the coverage. 🙂

Price: SGD $78

Stockists: Dior Cosmetics, DFS, Robinsons, TANGS

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips – After Blossom

If you’ve been following us on Instagram (@samanthashley_), you’ll know I got YET another lip product (somebody really has to stop me)! This one is from Etude House and is pretty new in the market! What really impressed me was how smoothly it applied onto my lips. It was a dream! No ugly lines no nothing! Now, I am no fan of matte lipsticks in general, but this one really got me!

First, the color was already an A+. Second of all, such little product goes such a long way. I put a tiny amount on my finger (1/20th the size of a pea!) and it spreads across my lips so easily with brilliant coverage! So amazing. Plus it just lasts! I love love love this lip tint to death! The only down side is that it can be a little drying, but slap some lip balm above or below it and you’re good to go!

Price: SGD $14.90

Stockists: Any Etude House in Singapore

SKII Cellumination Essence Ex

I actually just started on this, and am about a week in. What can I say? SKII you’ve got me hooked onto you. I am your servant from henceforth. LOL so extreme. Okay but seriously, amazing serum. When I first started on the Facial Treatment Essence, I thought that was already a winner. But this, in conjunction with the Mask-in Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence and Cellumination Deep Surge (below), just makes me so radiant. Words cannot describe how my skin looks or how I feel about my skin. 

Looking in the mirror makes me so happy now! My skin is neither dull nor tired! It just looks healthy and glowy 24/7! The best thing about is is how it absorbs into my skin so easily without feeling greasy and dries off to a slightly matte finish! My skin feels softer and smoother all thanks to this. *Insert verbal standing ovation here* Don’t believe me? Ask Ash. My complexion has NEVER looked this good.

Price: SGD $199 for 30ml / $299 for 50ml

Stockists: SKII Counters, DFS, Sunnanz, Luxola

SKII Cellumination Deep Surge Ex

I use this as a moisturizer in the morning (I still do not use moisturizer at night), and it allows my skin to remain hydrated the whole day! My skin used to get a little oily by mid day, but now it only oils up towards the night, say 8pm? Moreover, my workplace is EXTREMELY cold sometimes, and the air can be very dry, but regardless my skin stays protected!

It isn’t actually very oily for a moisturizer, I do give it a little time to settle in by patting my face so the product absorbs faster. After I apply sunblock over it, everything is fine. 🙂 My pores are even getting smaller because my cheeks aren’t as dehydrated anymore! I feel like writing in to SKII to congratulate them on how happy I am!

Price: SGD $199 for 50g

Stockists: SKII Counters, DFS, Sunnanz, Luxola

Guerlain’s Wulong Powder

Our beloved blogger friend, Linda (, gave me this to try after we had a discussion about Guerlain’s meteorites and compact powders. I do own my own Meteorites, but she mentioned how this cult favorite was a must try, so I did! 🙂

I ammmmm won over. Just totally. I know this is a very expensive powder, though I did not purchase it, so naturally a lot is expected from it. I’ve heard that some people were actually disappointed by it, but I’m not at all. The whole feel of it is so different from the one I own – it looks warm and sun kissed and I look oh-so-healthy whenever I have it on. Sometimes I put it on top of my Dior Rose Powder, but on it’s own it’s just as lovely.

For me, I am a huge fan of having the “barenaked skin” kind of makeup look on and this enhances it beautifully! Nothing over the top at all.

P/S: This was from the 2012 Limited Edition series, I think 2013’s is of a different casing!

Price: I am not sure, this was a gift 🙂

Stockists: Guerlain Counters 

– – 

To all our readers, thanks for reading our blog these past 9 months, we’ve been growing with all of you and it feels great. We have something to thank you guys, come this December, so do look out for it! 😉

Till then, leave us any comments and we will attend to them!

Happy November everyone!

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