Sponsored Review: Viva La Papa! Potato Chips

Hey dears,

as you know, Ashley and I have been on the road to getting healthier this year! We’ve both signed up for yoga classes and are also doing the occasional zumba and pilates session! 🙂 The holiday weight is.. afterall.. not a joke sometimes. 

However, as you guys know, exercise is 20% and diet is 80% when one sets on the route to being healthier and more toned. Ash and I used to be on a no/minimal carb diet for a few months last year, but we realized that just made us crave carbs more.. so we try to ration our carbs better now.

Unfortunately, if there was ever a weakness when it came to the both of us… it would be *dng dng dng!!!*.. potato chips!!!! *cue overly dramatic silence* 🙁 Thus, when we were emailed to review HEALTHY and YUMMY potato chips we were all for it! We said, “Yes send them over please!!!”

About Viva La Papa! 

Organic Hand Cooked Crunchy Chips from Peru. Viva La Papa! selects the most delicious, sustainable varieties of native potatoes and other roots for their hand-cooked chips. The potato originated in Perú thousands of years ago, and hundreds of colorful and nutritious varieties are grown by Andean communities to this day.

Alec Cousins, founder of Viva La Papa says: “On my travels to Perú I tried the most delicious food and met some extraordinary locals who were so passionate about their crops and ancient lands” continued Alec “as a foodie I was determined to work with their roots and tubers, share them with people around the world, and to help the communities whilst doing that”.

Viva La Papa! chips are presented in stunning packaging featuring classic textile colors and lively Andean locals. Cooked by hand in small batches with no artificial ingredients or GMOs, the product range is also gluten free and Kosher accredited.

Viva La Papa! has five delicious varieties available in 142g and 42g bags through Le Bono Collection in Singapore. They are: Andean Pink Salt, Anticucho BBQ, Chillies & Lime, Exotic Sweet Potato and Native Potato.

Viva La Papa! makes a contribution from each bag sold to Andean children’s charity Amantani. This wonderful organization provides schools and boarding houses for under-privileged children in remote Andean regions.

How to Enjoy Them

Ash and I thought… hey, these are healthy chips with NO Trans Fat, NO Artificial Ingredients… why not take it to the gym?

We brought the smaller packs (Andean Pink Salt and Anticuchio BBQ) with us as snacks and they served their part well! We had a break in between our Zumba class and a Bollywood Dance one (don’t ask), so we just sat down to take some photos and eat some chips!

P/S: Do forgive our sweaty makeup-less faces haha!After we took the photos we laughed so hard at how unglamorous we looked.

We definitely got some stares lol, what with the crunching sounds and all, but we were too busy munching the yummy chips to care! I mean, who can ignore the gorgeous crispness of the chips (as seen above)!? They were extremely tasty with just the right amount of salting! Eating them definitely filled both our bellies and happy souls up!

Ash preferred the Pink Salt flavored ones as they tasted more natural and had a more authentic taste to them. I preferred the BBQ flavored ones because I like a stronger flavor and that extra zest to my chips!

Psst – Only 150 Calories per Serving was what made us feel a little better! 😉 

Besides the gym, you’re also free to enjoy them in the comfort of your own room and home of course! Here is another pack of chips, the Chillies and Lime flavored one, lying in that cute little space on my bed!

I know this is a cardinal sin, but I got soooooo hungry about midnight and went, “hey! What’s healthier than all the Bak Kwa lying about my house?” And… my head turned towards the tiny pack of chips and… well… the next thing I know, it was all finished hahaha.

I thought the Chillies and Lime one was actually pretty good and had a little kick! Though it said “Chilli”, it really wasn’t spicy at all. The lime felt refreshing against the spices (not spiciness) and just left me wanting more!

My Favorites

Now… here are my favorites!!! And I’m just so lucky they came in these HUGE packs! When I opened my parcel to see them I just squealed!!! I know the Andean Native Potato Chips one is crumpled.. but it’s because I couldn’t hold myself back! I opened the bag up and went CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP! 

Once that was done (of course, I shared with family), we moved on to the Exotic Sweet Potato Chips and I FELL IN LOVE! They both tasted sooo good I could not stop myself from eating.

Can you see why I loved these two so much!? Look at the richness of the colors inside! The orange-ness of the Sweet Potato Chips and the majestic purple of the Andean Native Potato Chips was so overwhelming! They already LOOKED so good, I knew the taste was going to be phenomenal as well.

I liked the Andean Native ones because they were the right amount of salty and I loved how easily they went with any side dishes or drinks. It was like one of those “Original” flavored potato chips and it was almost impossible to stop.

The Sweet Potato Chips were, in fact, quite sweet! The girls in my family really enjoyed them, and I thought they accompanied the Salsa dip quite well – you all have definitely got to try that combo out!

Overall Thoughts

What can I say? I’m addicted to these chips. They look good, taste good and are healthy! If I had my way, I’d eat them everyday (though we know too much of a good thing is always bad!). 

We are so honored to have gotten the chance to taste these yummies out, so here’s a special shout out to Le Bono for them! Do go check them out at the stockists stated below. We promise that you will not regret them! xx


Real Food Grocer
6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817
(Basement of Central Mall)
Tel: 6224 4492


  • 2 Mccallum Street
  • Singapore, Singapore 069043
Tel: 6221 2105

The American Club
10 Claymore Hill
Singapore 229573
Tel: 6737 3411

Swiss Butchery
22 Senoko Way Singapore 758044.
Tel: 6555 3343 

Have a great weekend everyone! xx
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