Lifestyle: Manicure/Pedicure Bargains in Singapore!

We have decided to section off a lifestyle portion in our blog to add a little flavor, and to bring a little excitement! As you can see, 2014 is a new start for us and we’ve been thinking of various ways to spice up this humble website!

We’ve been taking in some comments and suggestions, and most of them involve us talking about our daily lives! We never knew we were that interesting really, lol, but it seems many people want to know things like where we get our makeup from, where’s the cheapest makeup haunts, and where are the best beauty services!

So to begin this new section *cue ribbon cutting*, we’re starting with cheap manicure and pedicure places for students likeeeeeeeeee us! Of course, if you’re just someone who likes a good bargain, just join in! πŸ˜‰

Nail Status

Ash and I discovered this place awhile ago, and I personally think it can be defined by the quote “old is gold”. A lot of bloggers also seemed to have visited this tiny nail haven tucked away on the fourth floor of Far East Plaza, and have left with nothing but good things to say! For us, Ash and I aren’t too big on designs and the like. We’re pretty simple people but mostly it’s because we’re broke lol who just want our nails to look ever ready!

I would say though, that this is the preferred choice for students, up to tertiary level, only because a student pass is required for…… $3 EXPRESS* MANI/PEDIS!

*Express: Just painting only, no shaping no cutting no nothing. For those, you have to pay an extra $5

Ashley and I were doing our pedicures that day, so these were taken whilst we were looking through colors before deciding on one! Don’t we look abnormally happy? LOL, I guess it’s because we just hadn’t gotten our nails done for ages and my self-painted ones (done 3 weeks ago) were starting to look so pathetically sad….

Just a heads up.. it turns out that it’s better not to refer to the nail charts and to just go straight up to the shelves with rows and rows of nail polish bottles on them (as seen behind Ashley in the above pictures) because that’s the fastest way to ensure the color you want is in stock. The colors we chose from the “color wheels” were all out of stock, so we just took the shortcut haha.

Anyway, we watched some Revenge on the TV they had on screen at the shop (Ash loves that show) and just basically kind of gossiped our time away. There are magazines behind the chairs in case you ever go alone and would like something to read as well!

There you go, here are our final nail colors! I went with a pretty wine red and Ashley went with a nudish-taupe. In case you’re wondering, these are our safe colors. We seem to be characterized by these nail colors for some reason…

The whole process was pretty quick because we didn’t shape or remove our cuticles. Literally painted and went! It took about 15 minutes (mainly because the drying nails portion took about 10 minutes) and we were out the door! Very quick and convenient for students who have last minute dates or functions and just want to look good! πŸ˜‰

BTW: Do remember to make appointments! Even 30 minutes beforehand would be good because they’re usually packed to the brim! They even end up turning away customers sometimes, so if you’re really IN NEED of a mani/pedi do book them in advance!

#04-83, Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
Singapore 228213
Phone: 6836 2005
Mon-Sat: 11am – 9.30pm
Sun: 11am – 7pm

Lily Nails Salon

I found out about this place from one of my close friends, and it’s a GEM. I almost do not want to share this because my favorite place will be jam packed – but hey, all good things have to be shared.

I go to to Lily Nails Salon for…. *drum roll*…. $16 EXPRESS GELISH MANICURES (free soak offs included)!!! And this is without even a need for the student pass, should some of you pretty working ladies be interested in going!

They have pretty interesting designs, and I believe their nail artists are really quite talented! I once went during the CNY period, where tons of people were requesting for the Fortune Cats/ Goldfishes/ Coins, etc, and the nail artists managed to pull them off! I was just watching at the sidelines going, “whoaaaa…..” (Sounds so creeper-like lol)

I would say that the time taken for this whole process is quite difficult to determine because it really depends on the time of day you choose to go. If you go during lunch/after work hours, the queue will naturally be longer. However, if you go at odd timings, say about.. 4.30pm, you might not even have to queue at all! And the whole thing will be done in a maximum of 30 minutes. Truly not bad.

The wide assortment of gelish/classic manicue colors is also pretty impressive I must say! Ash and I both took quite awhile before actually deciding on the ones we wanted! In the end… to match what we had on our feet already.. I went with a dark plum and Ash went with a grey-toned lavender.

We were both pretty much in-and-out customers because we had no special requests and we didn’t do any nail art… I think it was a fast job for the ladies there haha.

Here you go! Our final nail colors! Do you like them as much as we do? We thought they actually suited our characters quite well! πŸ™‚ The price chart is up for Lily’s Nail Salon, but we kind of missed out on The Nail Status’ one.. you can always call them to find out more if needed! 

3 New Bugis Street
Singapore 188867
Phone: 6338 4131
Mon-Sun: 12-10pm

We hope this post has been helpful to you guys! Let us know what you think about this new column! xx (β™₯) Sam & Ash

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