Review: NARS semi-matte lipstick in “Funny face”

Hi lovelies,

As if you didn’t see this post coming your way, I’ve been raving about this beautiful lipstick for quite awhile now and its due time I got the review up to share the wonders of this baby and it has, might I add, made it into my list of holy grail products 😉 This product was stumbled upon during Sam & I’s visits to ROBINSONS’s orchard – our 2nd home.

The lasting power is incredible, the pigmentation is amazing and the colour? absolutely beautiful. There’s not one thing I don’t like about it and I’m usually really picky with my lipsticks, they all have to pass the following criteria before I deem them as my holy grail.

1. Retain enough moisture so that the lipstick doesn’t tug on my lips through application.
2. Pigmented lip colour that doesn’t flake off
3. No / non-noticeable fragrance.
4. Strong lasting power
5. Doesn’t transfer onto cups / straws

So with that key criteria in mind, allow me to share the wonders of this amazing lipstick 🙂


Having claimed the titled of the Best overall lipstick by InStyle in 2011, The NARS semi-matte lipstick line carries some amazing high-fashion hues that provide a full-coverage and long wear finish. The product claims to have a  a patented blend of conditioners and antioxidants hydrate, nourish and protect lips

There are also a wide range of intensely pigmented shades for you to chose from and I’ve put together a little collage of the colours with their swatches take off the NARS site for you to make an easy referral to the colours 😉

beautiful shades aren’t they ? I’m already wondering which colour I should grab next! any suggestions ?


Just like the other NARS packaging’s if comes In a super sleek matte rectangle tube. I’ve had this product for over a month now and I’ve got no issues with the logo fading or the material wearing and being prone to scratches. Having something as sleek as this just makes the application more glamorous don’t you think ? 😉

Prior to buying the lipstick, I felt that the name was just telling me to get it! As a kid, I was known for pulling a lot of funny faces in photographs or just being a little cheeky in general so when I told my aunt the name of the lipstick, She agreed that I HAD to get it, also taking into consideration the beautiful colour payoff.

Color payoff

The colour payoff is stunning and despite have a blue undertone to these bright magenta shade, I’ve had no issues with the colour coming off looking/ smelling cheap or uneven. Even with a light swatch of the product, it’s still incredibly pigmented.

I love the texture, despite it being a lipstick with a semi-matte finish, it still retains sufficient moisture to make your lips look like it’s been applied professionally. Here’s a plus, I know we might not all have time to exfoliate your lips, but have no fear, this doesn’t highlight or settle in the cracks of your lips! Though if you have terribly dry lips, and extra layer if lip balm 14 mins prior to application could make the difference!


You know how models are always rocking the flawless, evenly pigmented lips on the covers of vogue? This lipstick gives me the perfect red carpet-esque look. The shape of the lipstick it self helps by it having a decently pointed tip  to firstly shape the area of my lips before filling it in.

There’s nothing too fancy about the shape of the lipstick, the tip was definitely a lot more pointed to aid easy application to begin with but having used it for a month and a little more now, I’d say that the shape is holding up fairly okay, to the point where it hasn’t rounded out completely.

Of course, with bolder colors as such, it is always recommended to do either of the follwing:

1) apply the lipstick with a lip brush (here I’m using Loveybelle’s lipstick brush made with synthetic hair)  to achieve a precise shape
2) apply a concealer on your entire lip area , followed by step 1 ( this is so that the colour shows up true against a neutral background.
3) apply the lipstick and follow up by cleaning the edges with a concealer brush with a tad of concealer to create a polished look.

Before and after

I wanted to show you guys just how versatile this colour is, it can become a lighter hot pink candy shade by concealer your lips to provide a lighter canvas for the colour the show up on! Here I’m using yet again, a loveybelle brush to conceal my lips and the lip brush later to apply the lip stick on.

Here’s the before and after without concealer as a base.

Lasting power & Transfer 

Here’s the part that will win over your hearts as it won mine. Within less than 2- 5 mins after to application, the lipstick has already set into my lips and doesn’t transfer on your glasses , cups or straws at all! For me this is pretty important, I’m not a fan of leaving traces behind on my cups having being scarred by my primary school Chinese teacher who constantly did and it wasn’t particularly attractive to cut the story short.

As far as lasting power goes, it holds up extremely well and would go stay for at least half a day without having to touch up. However, upon the consumption of food, like most lipsticks, it will require re-application.

I think the fact that I’ve yet to come across a lipstick that has stayed put and doesn’t feather out upon consumption of food has lowered my expectations in that category and as they say, the key to happiness is not to expect anything at all! So having it stay put through a meal would be the ultimate miracle, but not a mandatory to make it into my holy grail list.

Overall thoughts

I think i’ve pretty much said it all! 🙂 I’m in love with the lipstick and I’m not sure I’ll be able to find another beautiful matte lipstick of this sort for awhile. It does meet the description that’s being described on their website and it’s definitely the perfect shade to spice up any outfit that you’ve got. Even for girls who aren’t afraid to take the big plunge into the world of bolder lipsticks, this is a good stepping stone for you! You’ll be surprised at how wearable it is.

Believe me, I’ve thought long and hard the past couple of days through wearing the lipstick over and over to find a problem with it but I’ve got nothing. No complaints, no nothing about it. Even if I’ve not exfoliated my lips for a week, the lipstick doesn’t highlight any dry areas at all.

There’s definitely so much more that NARS has to offer that just their foundation and blushes and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check them out at your local Nars counters! Try them on for a day even, as the makeup artist to let you try the colour on and see how it fairs for you throughout the day! That’s kinda how Sam and I decide on our next purchases (if not an impulse purchase haha)

Recommended for
– those not looking for a matte lipstick that floats on top of your lips to act as a layer
– a very pigment lipstick with a strong lasting power
– a perfect dressy lipstick

Will I repurchase
 Yes. Yes yes yes yes, there’s no doubt about it.


NARS counters in singapore (TANGS / ROBINSONS Orchard)

Overall rating: 9/10

What’s your favourite shade?

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