Sponsored Review: Allure Beauty’s Face of Love Package

Helloooo lovelies,

Valentines day is in one day! Have you not planned a surprise for your significant other yet? Well here’s a suggestion for you – A pamper session at Allure beauty!  A little while ago, the PR for Allure beauty, Mistical, sent us an invite to try out the Face of Love package (A Valentines Day Promo) and we could not resist! We made an appointment the following week!

After all, it couldn’t hurt to fit a pamper session for the both of us with our busy schedule! Not to mention, I’ve been starting to break out on my cheeks to some apparent reason (To which I’ve narrowed the possibilities down to either my time of the month/ hormones or the overload of heaty food over CNY) and seeing that I’ve tried everything to rid my skin of them, I thought I’d let some professionals handle the matter.

About Allure Beauty & the Face of Love package

Established in April 2002, Allure Beauty Saloon is a complete one stop beauty boutique for all your beauty needs from head to toe; making sure all you are always well and professional taken of. Their philosophy has always been to enhance their customers’ physical looks and bring out the natural beauty and confidence in them. 

The Face of Love Package 

“Forget the conventional roses in a bouquet; skip the usual expensive dinners and oh so cheesy gift cards! This Valentine’s Day, surprise the love of your life with a pampering treatment package from Allure Beauty! A deliciously enjoyable treat, relax and rejuvenate comfortably away from the hustle and bustle, with your loved one right beside you in one of Allure Beauty’s couple rooms! ” 

What The Package Includes

For Him

ATACHE OILY SK combines active ingredients for effective deep cleansing and to balance localized sebaceous secretion. The ingredients aid in healing, anti – inflammation and restoration of skin moisture.

Pores are cleansed and detoxed for a breather in this purifying facial therapy. Using soothing essential oils, salicylic acid, glycolic acid as well as Shock Serums which contain highly active ingredients concentration, it is to prepare the skin for better and effective absorption of the purifying mask formulated using Zinc oxide, Menthyl lactate, Allantoin. OILY SK helps to give the skin a matte, healthy and fresh look after treatment. 

For her

Allure Beauty introduces SOFT DERM FACIAL THERAPY – a wholesome treatment suitable for all skin types.Revel in this treatment where you will enjoy soft, protected skin free from irritation; reinforcing its evenness and boosts its skin defenses. Skin is soothed, repaired and protected. Products used are formulated with careful

Selected ingredients such as thermal water, aloe Vera, seaweed extract, jojoba oil and avocado oil; to ensure that skin is well taken of. Pores are instantly minimized and skin is soothed and calmed. Say goodbye to tired, dull and exhausted skin – the usual look of a harried urbanista. Revel in glowing, radiant and healthy skin – the face of love, after just one session. 

– Taken from the Allure Beauty press kit

ATACHE Products

ATACHE SCIENTIFIC COSMETIC is backed by 30 years of experience in the field of Dermatology with a highly trained team of skin experts. Since its foundation in 1983 and with the backing of the ASAC pharma, pharmaceutical group, Laboratories Atache has always had a clear definition of its mission: Ongoing research and the most stringent requirements. 

Continuing its wide experience in the professional cosmetic sector and as a pioneer in the use of Retinol and Vitamin C in Europe, ATACHE SCIENTIFIC COSMETIC reinforces its cosmetic and scientific endeavours in order to go on offering the very best to the world of beauty. It is backed up, as always, by the technological and scientific expertise of the ASAC pharma pharmaceutical group.

A Session at Allure Beauty

When we stepped into the facial house, we were seated within the waiting area and offered a cup of chrysanthemum tea whilst we wait for our beauticians to escort us to our rooms.

One thing that both Sam & I liked about Allure beauty was that once you are assigned with a beautician, she will be the only one looking after you throughout your session and next couple of visits. This not only creates a bond but also ensures that exclusivity where she knows what’s going on with your skin and nothing will be prescribed that wont suit your condition.

In the photo, from left to right : Pamela (Branch Manager), Belle , Ashley, Sam, Jess 

We both opted for different facial treatments due to our different skin concerns for the moment, Sam opted for the Soft Derm treament and I, the Oily SK treatment and with that we were assigned our lovely beauticians, Jess & Belle respectively.

Having not been to a facial for at least 8 years (for me at least) , we’d thought It’d be interesting for me to share a first timer’s insight on the entire facial process to get a better idea of what you’ll be expecting. Sam will also be sharing her experience and process towards the end of the post as well!

Beginning the Facial

The room was cozy and the lighting when I first stepped in set the atmosphere for relaxation with the dim lights and the sounds of calming and gentle spa music playing in the background. Once we were introduced to our individual rooms ( Couples can request to be put in the same room upon making the appointment), we were handed a sarong to change into and lay down on our beds.

Prepping & Consultation 

Seeing that we had just come from school, we started off by removing our makeup to examine our skin conditions to appropriately assign us with the specific treatment that would cater to our skin concerns and needs.

My skin concerns were my dry cheeks, pimples that I had across the side of my cheek and black heads on my nose. With that, I was assigned a mixture of the Oily SK treatment with the addition of the depil comfort gel that would help quench the thirst of my dry cheeks. Upon hearing that I was able to relax knowing that the Belle knew the right combination of products to overcome my concerns and my existing skin conditions.

Ps: Due to the fact that we were placed in different rooms, we did not manage to get our photos taken together. Hence, the procedure photos will be completely mine, though Sam will show her before/after at the end. 🙂


Extractions are not compulsory for all facials, you can most definitely opt out of getting an extraction depending on your skin type and the skin concerns that you might have. Here’s a short excerpt that I found helpful while reading up on extractions.

Different people have different pain thresholds. People with thicker, oiler skin are usually less sensitive, while people with thinner skin are usually more sensitive. Estheticians also vary in how aggressive they are. Speak up if it hurts too much.”

Extraction Tools

 Depending on the size and the depth of the oil within your pimple, they will either use their fingers tips with a tissue or a disposable sterilised needle to pry out the the dirt and oil.

We started off by using the Atache renewal therapy gel to soften the skin and to allow the pores to open up as an alternate method to using steam like most places do. This process made my skin itchy and it did come with a biting sensation, but was told it was normal that it wasn’t my skin acting out against the product. I had a mixture of surface pimples and one’s that were deep in my pores and hence Belle used both her fingers with a tissue and a sterilised disposable need to extract my pimples.

Here’s what my face looks like after the extraction process (a very attractive angle up close.. i know lol). It did hurt, but nothing that wasn’t bearable and the redness didn’t subside till the next morning so I’d advise not planning any formal and important events right after!  Right after this, Belle wiped my skin down and pat in the ATACHE toner to close my pores.

OH! Another thing, at Allure, they will also help trim your brows and hence the really clean and neatly presented brows in the photograph above :)!

The Cold Facial Ball treatment

A highlight of facials at Allure beauty would have to be the Cold facial ball treatment. Despite the fact that the toner closed my pores and here’s a unique way that helps to minimize the appearance of large pores especially after extractions.

It was honestly one of the most relaxing and soothing part of the facial.. I secretly wished that this portion of the facial would have lasted longer haha.  I’m not sure I’m doing it any justice at all with the description thats about to come, but it just brings about a soothing and calming sensation as opposed to using just a toner to close up the pores.

Purifying Mask + Gel 

Taking into consideration that my skin is a mixture between combination and dry skin, Belle mixed together the Depil Comfort gel along with the Oil SK purifying mask to ensure that the properties of the Oily SK mask would be able to target my oily T-zone whilst the gel ensure that hydration was restored to my cheeks.

The teal mask that was applied with a facial brush , initially had a slight itching/ biting-into-your-skin sensation due to the sensitivity of the skin upon extraction, but about 3- 4 minutes later, the mask initiated a cooling sensation (Nothing menthol/ absolute sub zero feeling) and it felt that way even after I walked out of the facial room.

Shoulder massage

Ahhh~ who doesn’t love a good shoulder massage? I know I’ll take one any day and it was definitely much needed to wind down for the week. Belle applied a ample amount of lavender oil and gave me shoulders and the back of my neck a good rub down whilst awaiting for the mask to dry. 
Removing the mask

Instead of using a regular towel to remove the mask, at Allure beauty they use these incredibly soft (kind of resembles a more cotton based lens cloth) facial cloths to gently remove the mask.

Quenching your skin’s thirst

From having done at home facials, I know it is mandatory to restore moisture to re-hydrate the skin after a clay mask and this is exactly what belle did. I got to enjoy a lovely facial massage to help the serum sink into the pores a lot quicker. Belle used Atache’s balancing shock serum II  from the Oily SK line which is targeted to bring back mositure and to balance the ph within my skin.

Treating my pimples

To help my pimples heal quicker, the Atache Balancing Shock serum I,  was applied to my problem areas regenerate and tackle acne prone skin. Belle mentioned that it serum is a little drying and because my skin is already quite dry, she would only apply this to areas in which were required 🙂 I didn’t feel like my skin was taught or anything after the application.

Ashley’s Results
Here’s what my skin looked like fresh out of the facial! Its’ definitely a lot brighter and the black heads around my nose area have been cleared up too! I was really content with the condition of my skin, it didn’t feel taught but still had the cooling yet hydrated sensation from the clarifying mask.

This was the result of extraction. Yes, from the photo it looks like my skin has gotten worse but I assure you thats not the case. The process of extraction is to push out the dirt lying deep within your pores and it will naturally turn red. Pamela, the branch manager advised us to apply our own pimple creams onto the areas that are red at night to help reduce redness and swelling through the night.

Sam’s Results

Here’s Sam’s skin after the facial. The lighting is quite different because we took her photo in the toilet! We thought the white light would make things clearer! We both felt her face was smoother, softer and definitely brighter! Her pores were also almost invisible. Similar to me, the blackheads on her nose were successfully removed and her skin was silky smooth after!

However, whilst Sam’s skin is generally free from acne, she faces the issue of hormonal chin acne. The “Before Extraction” photo is a little unreliable because she had some slight covering up with the help of her Dr Hauschka Cover Stick, but there were two bumps that were much more obvious in real life. They were well extracted and were rather red straight after treatment but Sam mentioned that she was so happy with how much flatter her headless bumps had gotten.

Overall thoughts

My Experience

I really enjoyed it and felt like time went by really quickly throughout the facial. Although the pimples looked as though they’ve gotten worse, they were slightly flared up due to the extractions but was promised that it would tone down by the next day.I did feel that my skin wasn’t completely stripped of everything but that my impurities deep within my pores were removed, leaving my skin feel refreshed and definitely a lot brighter looking at it now.

Here’s what my skin looks like two days after the facial! My spots have reduced in size and are now just waiting to fade! I was so happy to see results after about two weeks of having dealt with pimples flaring up all the time!

However, he only slight downfall was that I started to see that a patch of skin beside my nose started to feel and look very dry two days after the facial and Sam had the same sightings of the dry patch too, oddly enough, in the same area..

We believe its due to the fact that the renewal therapy might have been too drying for our cheek areas. So definitely double check with your therapists before the application of the renewal therapy, it might not be suitable for your entire face, just the areas that are needed 🙂

Sam’s Experience

Sam’s skin, as mentioned above, only experienced a patch of dry skin.. Her nose area also started to get quite flaky. She also stated that the “biting” mask might have been too strong because her cheeks felt a little “vulnerable” when she got home, and that her skin would sting ever so slightly when she put on her products.. I did not experience this though, but I would attribute it to her having very thin skin.

Besides that, she said that she felt an overall matteness in her skin’s texture and that she no longer felt oily even during humid weather! Her skin tone also evened out more, making her skin more “normal” than “combination”. But the part she’s most happy about is how her pesky little chin pimple, which had been “festering for weeks” (her words), finally showed a head and was easily pushed out with her fingers! What made it even better was that it only required a very gentle push! She was very impressed. 🙂

We are both very impressed, really – with the dry skin patch aside, though it disappeared within two days.

Your questions answered 

1. Are extractions compulsory within a facial?
Extractions are definitely not compulsory by any means, it is just down to what your skin type is like and your skin concerns of the moment.  If you’re in doubt you can read the short excerpt that I found here on extractions. It is completely ok for you to opt not to have the extractions done, the key thing that you have to do through any facial is to Communicate with your therapist! Don’t be afraid to ask if something feels odd or if you’d like to know the purpose of a particular step throughout the facial. You have every right to know what’s happening 🙂

2. Are extractions painful?
Yes, I personally think I can withstand a decent level of pain and it wasn’t the kind of pain that sends a shock to your nerves but is equivalent to you squeezing your skin to pop a pimple. The needles that they use at allure beauty are thin and sharp, so you wont feel the needle poking at your spots at all.  The pain of popping pimples can vary depending on the location, for me, the pimple right below my mouth hurt the most even after the facial. The pain lasted through the night but like the redness, subsided in the morning.

3. How do I take care of my skin after the facial?
Do remember that a facial helps remove dead skin cells, removes dirt within pores to reveal glowy skin and you do still need to follow up with your usual skincare regimen after a facial.  I figured it would be great to allow my skin to feel more soak up some essences and hence applied a sheet mask after a shower to hydrate my skin. Following that I applied my Jurlique blemish cream on my spots to reduce the redness and the swelling by the morning.

In the morning, my spots had flattened out and weren’t red nor swelling any more. Everyone’s regimen after a facial is different, its all down to knowing what your skin really needs and giving into it after the dead skin cells have been stripped. If you think about it, a facial helps removes the dead skin cells to allow the essences and products to penetrate deeper into the skin.

A Big Thank You

We had such a relaxing time at Allure beauty and a huge thank you goes out to Mistical and the Allure beauty ladies at Tiong Bahru for making us feel so welcomed and for giving us clearer skin to wake up to in the morning!

It is one f the perfect valentines day gifts for you and your signifcant other, and I’m personally so glad my pimples have finally faded into flat spots! Nothing like a girls day out getting our facials done for us!  If you guys are interested in being pampered this valentines day, Allure beauty is having this promotion all through the month of February 🙂


#05-04A, Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Road, S(168732)
Telephone: 6270 8845

TIP: It’s right the mall above the MRT station, look for the lifts that will take you up to the 5th floor. The escalators are not helpful at all in this case.


The Face of Love package is available at all beauty outlets. Usual price per treatment is $280 per session for each treatment. From the 1st feb – 28th feb 2014, Allure beauty is offering a special 1 for 1 deal – pay only $180 for the price of 2 sessions. Simply show up at any of their outlets with your partner to enjoy!

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them and we’ll reply you asap!
Have a lovely Valentines day! 
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