Sponsored Review: Portagram

Hey there loves, it’s TGIF!!!! WOOOO!!! This Friday we’re talking about something very close to our hearts.. INSTAGRAM!

Except that it’s more like Real Life Instagram, and it’s this amazing new service called Portagram!! It’s pretty famous by now, and has actually been used by TONS of people I know! So what is it exactly?

It allows you to have your favorite Instagram photos printed out in HARD COPY! That’s right! Always wanted one of your favorite photos (or make that 12 for a full roll!) printed out so you could keep it in your wallet or diary? Well now you can! 🙂

How to Order

All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

At the end of it, you just have a make a very small payment of USD $6 and it’d be mailed to your house! That’s  not a lot to ask for isn’t it!?

Imagine doing it on your own; you’d have to travel to a print shop, choose the paper, wait for the printing and go back and collect it. Believe me, I’m speaking as a Graphic Designer who has had to go back and forth to collect my work for submissions. It’s a long tiring process and it sometimes doesn’t feel worth it at all.

With Portagram, I’m now able to do all of it with some quick clicks. For those busy ones at work, this deserves an ALLELUIA! Am I right!?

If you’re wondering about the paper types, I’ve taken photos to show you guys the differences:


For the Standard paper type, you get something very vintage looking! It’s so cute because you get this unique paper type that looks aged and yet very new! For those seeking a more special take on their photos, or hoping to create a more special “Instagram Filter” effect, this would  be for you.


The Classic paper type is what it is: Classic. It is smooth,white, and matt. It is straightforward – no special effects whatsoever. But that does not mean that is a bad thing; no, indeed it is quite the contrary. The Classic paper type is white, and therefore brings out your vibrant photos the best. I foresee the use of this in creating mood boards or pinning onto your refrigerators so you can always remember the most colorful moments in your life.


The paper used for Premium is glossy and slightly sparkly! It’s not called premium for no reason right!? It isn’t quite white in color due to the glazed effect, but it does create a dreamy kind of effect on the photos. Perfect for photos which you’d like to scrapbook and give to your special other or best friend.

Portagram is both easy and fun to use, so I’m not quite sure what you’re waiting for!? Get it today, and enjoy passing on the photos to the people that you love! 🙂

Portagram all the way!

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