Event: Vanity Trove’s “Get, Snap, Blingo” Night at Zouk

Woot! Just last week, Ash and I got invited to one of the most amazing events for this year, Vanity Trove’s “Get, Snap, Blingo!” night at Zouk! Believe it or not, it’s only been my 2nd time there and Ash’s first… I guess it’s very clear we do not club at all haha. Thus! It took us awhile to get to the destination (geographical noobs here), but in the end it was sooooo worth it!

Above you can see the gargantuan VT cake! It was so ostentatious I doubt anyone could’ve missed it haha. Naturally, it got tons of girls swooning (us included!) thanks to the pink-overload, the My Little Pony(s) and the pretty rainbow! It was a pity we didn’t get a slice of it because we were too busy taking photos – the curse of social media! – but there’s no regrets there. We still had tons of fun, so read on to find out more! 🙂

The Venue

Having only been to Zouk once (when it was pitch dark sans the neon lights and extremely loud dance music), it was extremely new to see it so lit up! Well, when I say lit up I mean that there were enough lights for me to see where I was going, in case you’re wondering why the photos still seem rather dark.

There were so many sponsors there I couldn’t get around to all of them but here’s three that we checked out! 🙂 There was Pink Room Nails, famous for their annual nail competitions, which our nail sponsor joined and won last year! They were offering free Gelish services with their new type of polish, so naturally tons of women flocked over!

Benefit Cosmetics also had a booth where girls could go test out the different products (including the brand new Lollitint!!) and get a free makeover even! I’ve been to about two Benefit events and I still go crazy looking at their packaging, I must be a real fan hahaha. Last but not least, there were Loreal hair booths where girls queued to get their hair done with the new Steampod! Ash really wanted to try but the queue was pretty…. magnificent lol. So we skipped it. But! We did get a free shampoo so not all was wasted heh heh!

Benefit Cosmetics
Us being the big Benefit fans we were, decided to try out some of their star products! Are we ever sick of it? Not at all! Whilst we definitely own a few of their lovely makeup pieces, we still want more! And since we can’t really afford them (due to all our cash being spent on school *grumbles*), we just try them out heehee!

Here, Ash is being helped with the application of the “They’re Real!” mascara. Ash had already applid it before the event, but somehow they managed to make her eyelashes EVEN longer with their skilled hands! I’m so jealous because my own eyelashes are sparse and short and straight lol, nothing will ever save that mess.

Since Ash’s eyelashes couldn’t be well seen from the front due to the lighting, I’ve included a side view as well! Ahhhhhmaaahhhzzzzingggg.

As for me, I went ahead and tried on their… can you guess.. Lollitint!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting since forever, so this opportunity made me say YES! The color was so lovely, and when it was applied I felt instantly brighter and prettier! Now.. where do I dig up cash from for this… hahaa. Seriously though, if you’re a fan of their tints, try this one! I love how the magenta-pink flush mixes so interestingly and so well!

P/S: I curled my hair for the event! What do you guys think? 😉

We also got a photo with the lovely Benefit Team! We feel so happy whenever we meet them. They’re always so friendly and ever welcoming! It was so nice to get to say hi and be introduced to those I didn’t manage to meet since I couldn’t make it down to the Westgate opening. A big thank you especially to Mei Ting for always thinking of us! 

Vanity Trove Family

Okay…… so here’s where all the camwhoring starts hahaha. No but really, what else can you expect from a whole club filled with girls? I swear, I bumped into about 10 girls posing for the camera and had to say, “Sorry I didn’t see you!” about 20 times. 

I know the pictures above don’t seem like a lot of people, and that’s because most of our photos were taken on our phone! Check out our Instagram @samanthashley_ to see more 🙂

Anyway here’s all the people above (listed from left to right):

1st photo – Christy (@christyfrisbee), Ashley, Me

2nd photo – Ashley, Douglas (@douglasgan), Me

3rd photo – Ashley, Melissa Jane (@melissajaneferosha), Dorena (@theoctorberroad), Me

From left to right: Catherine, Christy, Wenhui, Lydia, Kathleen, Me, Ashley, Melissa, Dorena

And hereeeeee, are the beautiful girls we’ve been hanging with! I call them the VT girls clique because well.. we are all girls and we all just seemed to have naturally gravitated to each other online! Isn’t that amazing!? We had all never even met face to face before and just got along so well on our VT accounts! They are all so lovely, strong, kind, and so great to talk to! All are down to earth and oh-so-friendly! It was such a pleasure.

Thank you Vanity Trove

Once again, a big thank you to Vanity Trove for the lovely invite – thank you for scouting us and inviting us into this platform and bringing us all together. Everyone we’ve met is so sweet and beautiful in their own way, its been our honor to have met them.

To more years and events ahead for all of us! xx

3 cheers for VT!
Hip hip hurray!

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